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And the results are in...
Last year, I had the smart idea to let my LiveJournal friends decide what my new year's resolutions should be.

So, how did I do?

  1. Start painting gay nude bears having leather sex
  2. Get a motorcycle license
  3. Meditate regularly **************** KIND OF DONE! ****************
  4. Keep a journal **************** KIND OF DONE! ****************
  5. Ride a horse
  6. Go to Iceland
  7. See a therapist about ADD **************** DONE! ****************
  8. Get ready to be a slave (emotionally, financially, physically, and more) **************** DONE! ****************
  9. Go whitewater rafting
  10. Go skydiving
  11. Throw a party to recruit people to play gay rugby
  12. Get a biweekly massage
  13. Start a charitable trust
  14. Find a Master **************** DONE! ****************
  15. Record a song on my computer **************** KIND OF DONE! ****************
6 out of 15. Barely above thirty-three percent, and even that is being generous, considering I only meditated and kept a journal for two months before giving up. I'm hoping I'll do better this year. Master Thor is helping me create a list.

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Go for efficiency. Multitask. Ride a horse in iceland, and paint bears having gay sex while riding. Skydiving is easy, just do it. Put an ad in craigslist for the gay rugby thing, just have the party at a bar so the usual craigslist nutballs won't show up and pocket things from your house. Massage therapists are starving lately, and they'll come to the house - that one's easy! Settle on an idea for the trust - maybe to benefit depressed slaveboys with ADD? Paint some water white, build a Tom Sawyer raft, thus covering #9 at low cost and low risk.....you could be done with nearly all the list by next week.

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