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Separated At Birther
 I think there has to be some connection between psycho birther lawyer Orly Taitz (aka "Oily Taints") and lovably crazy pop singer Lady Gaga. And I mean besides heavy makeup and mental illness.



I think I'll start calling Orly "Old Lady Gaga".

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does it make you want to poke her face?

(Deleted comment)
That has all the makings of a bad romance. But not in the fun way. Wait, now I can't decide.

OMG I just peed my pants a little.

Poor Lady GaGa.

Oily Taint! That was my professional name back when I gave lap dances.

Never got addicted to eyeliner, though....

are you secretly Craig Ferguson? Sounds like something twisted that he'd say.

I loll'd.

I kind of think "Mother Gaga" has a ring to it.

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