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I've (Not) Been Everywhere

It's cold, so I'm thinking about travel. The chance to go somewhere warm. My rule is that I can only travel south of where I currently am in winter, and can only go north latitudinally in summer. Of course, I break that rule a lot - I'm going to new York City by bus tomorrow to see Master Thor.

But here are some places I want to go to soon. An asterisk (*) designates that I've been there. But a comment after the state name means there are a few cities I would like to see again. My rule is that I can only take credit for visiting a state if I intentionally traveled there to see something. No "just driving through" or airport layovers!

Hope to see you on the road in 2010!


* = visited = 39
Need to visit again = 26
Not visited = 11 = Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia

* Arizona (visit it again, especially Flagstaff)
Arkansas (for some reason, I'd like to see Little Rock)
* California (but never been to AL or West Hollywood)
* Colorado
Connecticut (Just for Mystic Seaport and the whaling men!)
Delaware (I have plans to go to Rehobath Beach this summer)
* Florida (next time, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami)
* Georgia (I'll be back... maybe in March)
* Hawaii (but what's the "big island"? Oahu?)
* Idaho (Boise is on my list)
* Illinois (see other places than Chicago)
* Indiana (I'd go again)
* Iowa
* Kansas (I never went on my road trip to Lawrence and the "Garden of Eden")
* Louisiana (I missed Baton Rouge, and haven't seen New Orleans since Katrina)
* Maine (again, without the drama)
* Maryland (definitely in my future)
* Massachusetts (Boston is a great town)
* Michigan (I *really* want to see the grizzled smelly deer hunters in the UP!)
* Minnesota (friends in Minneapolis)
* Missouri (I want to see Woofer in St. Louis {grin})
* Montana (do a triangle of Butte/Bilings/Helena)
* Nebraska (Carhenge!)
* Nevada
* New Hampshire (I *think* I've been there, but I was drinking)
* New Jersey (visit the southern part)
* New Mexico
* New York (go upstate or Long Island?)
North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham, definitely)
* North Dakota (Fargo, eh?)
* Ohio (spend time in Columbus or Cincinnati)
* Oklahoma
* Oregon
* Pennsylvania (see friends in Pittsburgh)
* Rhode Island (Woonsocket. No really, they have a town called Woonsocket)
* South Carolina
* South Dakota (one more time)
* Texas (see the riverwalk in San Antonio and the art in Marfa)
* Utah
* Virginia (Norfolk? Richmond? Easy day trip for me now)
* Washington
West Virginia
* Wisconsin
* Wyoming
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