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I've (Not) Been Everywhere
It's cold, so I'm thinking about travel. The chance to go somewhere warm. My rule is that I can only travel south of where I currently am in winter, and can only go north latitudinally in summer. Of course, I break that rule a lot - I'm going to new York City by bus tomorrow to see Master Thor.

But here are some places I want to go to soon. An asterisk (*) designates that I've been there. But a comment after the state name means there are a few cities I would like to see again. My rule is that I can only take credit for visiting a state if I intentionally traveled there to see something. No "just driving through" or airport layovers!

Hope to see you on the road in 2010!


* = visited = 39
Need to visit again = 26
Not visited = 11 = Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia

* Arizona (visit it again, especially Flagstaff)
Arkansas (for some reason, I'd like to see Little Rock)
* California (but never been to AL or West Hollywood)
* Colorado
Connecticut (Just for Mystic Seaport and the whaling men!)
Delaware (I have plans to go to Rehobath Beach this summer)
* Florida (next time, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami)
* Georgia (I'll be back... maybe in March)
* Hawaii (but what's the "big island"? Oahu?)
* Idaho (Boise is on my list)
* Illinois (see other places than Chicago)
* Indiana (I'd go again)
* Iowa
* Kansas (I never went on my road trip to Lawrence and the "Garden of Eden")
* Louisiana (I missed Baton Rouge, and haven't seen New Orleans since Katrina)
* Maine (again, without the drama)
* Maryland (definitely in my future)
* Massachusetts (Boston is a great town)
* Michigan (I *really* want to see the grizzled smelly deer hunters in the UP!)
* Minnesota (friends in Minneapolis)
* Missouri (I want to see Woofer in St. Louis {grin})
* Montana (do a triangle of Butte/Bilings/Helena)
* Nebraska (Carhenge!)
* Nevada
* New Hampshire (I *think* I've been there, but I was drinking)
* New Jersey (visit the southern part)
* New Mexico
* New York (go upstate or Long Island?)
North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham, definitely)
* North Dakota (Fargo, eh?)
* Ohio (spend time in Columbus or Cincinnati)
* Oklahoma
* Oregon
* Pennsylvania (see friends in Pittsburgh)
* Rhode Island (Woonsocket. No really, they have a town called Woonsocket)
* South Carolina
* South Dakota (one more time)
* Texas (see the riverwalk in San Antonio and the art in Marfa)
* Utah
* Virginia (Norfolk? Richmond? Easy day trip for me now)
* Washington
West Virginia
* Wisconsin
* Wyoming

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Mystic Seaport is an overrated, obnoxiously trendy tourist trap. If you want to see Connecticut, drive through the Litchfield Hills.

Rehoboth Beach is okay. I did work there all last summer. But you should see Dewey Beach, next door, on a Saturday night. It must be seen to be believed.

Carhenge is as awesome as they say it is.

Your first stop in North Carolina should be Asheville.

Friends in Pittsburgh, you say??? (The rest of this state is wholly without merit, and we can drive you across the border and check West Virginia off without too much trouble.)

The only decent part of Texas is Austin, although the Riverwalk is okay in a frat-boyish kinda way.

Norfolk, VA is nice if you're into Navy boys.

Yeah, but I absolutely crave sea shanties, so Mystic Seaport is a must-see.

Thanks for the tip on Dewey Beach. I think Master Thor and I will take a few road trips this summer. Can we all meet up sometime?

If you are in Texas for the art, Houston is the place to go. If only for the Rothko chapel it would be worth the trip but there's so much more there too.

Rothko is a spiritual experience, more than an art space. The most awe-inspiring visual thing in TX is when the state turns blue just before Easter....

I spent a month in Little Rock one week.
Sidewalks roll up around 5 pm.

If you are wanting sea chanties, come to NEFFA (near Boston in April http://www.neffa.org/) and you'll have all the chanties you want.

I want to see the Clinton museum (Bill, not George)

Ok! I'd love to! I bet it it's a one-day road trip from DC

(Deleted comment)
Right now... possibly February 26 to March 7. Will you be around?

The problem with the UP hunters is they smell like Doe piss. Not as fun as it sounds.

Hawai'i island is the "big island", the most famous cities being Hilo, Kona, and Waimea. It is the largest of the islands. The island of Oahu houses the capital, Honolulu, the "North Shore" (big waves), and Diamond Head crater.

*waves from very warm Australia*


a good part of my mother's family resides in Woonsocket, RI. There's a sizable Ukrainian population there. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Woonsocket is the corporate home of CVS.

One of the Ukrainian churches does a killer Easter kitchen thing-pierogies a'go-go!

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