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I'm sick. No... not mentally. I have the worst flu I've had in years. I'm hot then cold, then sweating through the bedsheets. When I cough, my head hurts with a stabbing pain. And this all came over me the day before MAL. I had such big plans for the weekend. I'm disappointed, sure, but mostly I just feel sick as a dog, and wish I could get well.

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Get well soon little mudcub!

Ugh! what bad timing!

I have a friend who's gonna be there.

Get well Patrick.

makes me think of the time i had a trick warn me after the fact about crabs, a spare two days before IBR. Ah, memories- hang in there, kiddo

That's nice. "Wow, that was hot. By the way..."

Oh god... please kill me now. Or at least chop off my head with a chainsaw or something. I *really* don't want it connected to me any more

You're baaaaad!

Big Bummer. Get well soon (and maybe get thee to a Doctor)

Ugh! Poor mudcub. Stay in bed, rest, fluids, and take care of yourself!

*hugs* i hope you feel better soon

Hoping for your full recovery. Do you have anyone there to assist you?

Poor thing. Hope you feel better soon.

Drink a LOT of fluids and rest. Seriously, I pushed and would up sick for 3 months.

Feel better. think of it as a mandatory movie marathon.

Some people say my pee is medicinal.


Is Thor still coming to town? I know he'll want to take care of you, but if he wants some company at MAL, let me know.

What can I bring to you today? Food? Juice? Bucket of mud? Let me know.

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