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Strawberry Banana

I was feeling bored and kinky this morning.

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Seriously, I had Indian takeout last night and brought out a bowl of yogurt. My partner couldn't understand the snickers throughout the meal.

You are truly a pervert.

And considering that such things are relative to the observer, that's pretty perverted.


ps. How about a photo of someone eating the yogurt, "after?"

I don't get it. colon. frowny-bracket.

Never mind... I'm a dork... I forgot about the earlier post "fruit on the bottom" *facepalm*

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAA YOu bastard I have a conference call with Chicago and you do this to me

Oh good lord, what did you do?

some of us might need a longer container...(GRIN)

also, makes a whole new definition of the term "yogurt smoothie"

I'd use cherry flavored and call it re-virginization ... well may be a case of cherry flavored

hhrrmmm ... interesting ...very very interesting

And I just started to like yogurt again.

I'm sorry but I keep hearing Gwen Stefani. "B A N A N A S"

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