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Purple & Gold

Growing up as a boy in Minnesota, it was a given that winters would be too cold, summers were too hot, and the Vikings would never ever win a super bowl. Four appearances and zero wins in their franchise history. Well, they have a shot this year... playing tonight against the New Orleans Saints for the NFC championship.

I'll be watching... and I bought a plane ticket to Denver for two weeks from now so I can watch the game with my friends and family. At the very least... even if the Vikings lose tonight, I get to see my brother in a community theater production of "Moon Over Buffalo". But it would be nice for this year to be our year.

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ViQueens indeed. They punished my Cowboys- I mean they unfuckingcerimoniously handed them their pussies on a Land O'Lakes tray. Prolly one of the trays they serve one of the 10,000 varieties of bars on.

Pout, snort, piss and funk. Me.

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