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The only celebrity I've been told I look like is Robert Downey Jr. But not the young good-looking Robert Downey Jr of "Weird Science" or "Air America". No, I've been told I look like the dissolute Robert Downey Jr of the nineties during his breakdown-and-drug-addiction phase. We've both got the bags under the eyes, the aging-hipster goatee. I just don't have even half his talent or money. But at least my bisexuality is real and not manufactured. {cough cough}.


A college friend once told me, "Patrick you look like a badly-drawn cartoon character." And then he hastily added, "But I mean that in a GOOD way!"

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OMG! You are SO much cuter than RDJ!

But he has the awesome Iron man suit...

They say it is the Suit that makes the man... But it is really what is in the suit! and I like what is in your suit! *wink wink*

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