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Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho
Three months after I moved to Virginia, I finally got around to getting my new driver's license. I still don't have new license plates for my car... it's been an eight month battle with the Colorado, California, and Virginia DMV.


The picture on the right of the license is actually a hologram picture of my head. I feel like Jambi on the Pee Wee Herman Show. But I think I look more like a lumberjack. With that scary visage, I should have no problem passing for 21. Or 121.

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Meka leka hi, meka chani ho!

(just so I can use this user pic)

or a very bearded "Mirror Mirror on the wall"

You may want to restrict access to your home address... just sayin.

Good Idea to blur out his address. Unless he is looking for leather trade off livejournal.

For a Good Time, Go To..........................

Beats my scary drivers license photo where I look like the homeless man.

I love your name morphed into a cartoon ghost wail....

or is it a moustache?

Figures. You have no restrictions.

"It's time to let down your hair..."

I always thought it was "Mecca lecca..." and then had liberal guilt about it.

Did you see Pee Wee Herman and Playhouse gang's take on the iPad?

Woofy DL pix, wacky state retro-ish design. But, it's no

Class: None
Endorsements: None.

Gee, I knew you had no class, but I figured someone would want to endorse you...

I like that you have chosen to bypass the sleazy "phone # on the wall" advertising approach and opt for the full open door address for interested parties :-.)

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