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(I drew this)

Well, we lost our final rugby game this weekend. That makes us 0-and-8 for the season. It was a tough spring – we had to cancel three of our games due to rain (rain!) and I had an amazing ability to get injured during the last three minutes of every game. I had a bad shoulder for a month that made me unable to catch or tackle, and now I’ve got a bum knee from a collapsed scrum. One of the guys on the team said, “Now you’ve got all summer to recuperate!” But somehow that doesn’t make me feel better. I haven’t jogged for a month, and I’m getting fat again. I’ll try to lift or swim this week, but I’ve only got a few weeks to get back into shape before summer hockey starts

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It's not whether you win or lose, it's...

Aw, screw it. Losing sucks. Having hockey to look forward to is a good thing.

Yeah, and we lost most of our games by 40 points or more!

That's tough, though hockey season sounds exciting. What positions do you play in each sport?

I really like the drawing, & thanks for the link to your gallery.

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