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How did I survive DC "Snowpocalypse 2010"? Pretty good, thank you for asking. I grew up in Minnesota, and spent the next 15 years in Colorado, so I know snow. Last weekend, I curled up in my favorite pair of camouflage-colored footed pyjamas, open up a bottle of Winter Storm Category 5 Ale from Maryland's Clipper City Brewery, and watched several movies in a row. "S. Darko" was awful, but "Extract" and "Duplicity" were quite good.

Yesterday was a snow day, too, but my boss made us all take it as a personal vacation day. Because even though it was snowy in DC, it was a beautifully sunny day in Afghanistan! I managed to get a bunch of stuff done around my house: I assembled IKEA furniture, opened cardboard boxes, and got my life together. This weekend is a special Valentine's Day trip up to New York City to see Master Thor (thornyc ), except Amtrak canceled my train tickets due to snow. I think I'm going to try and take a bus - I wouldn't miss my first Valentine's Day with Master Thor for the world!




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You know what usually happens after a major blizzard/ice storm when people cant get around.

Boink Boink Boink.

Expect a major bumper crop of children in nine months!!!!!

Re: Wait in Nine Months

Yes, this. This is why we should embrace homosexuality. We have enough children in the world.

OOoh! Would you care to share the source of those glorious, footed camojamas? WANT.

Also, I can't believe Amtrak can't get their shit together with a few days' cleanup.

That, and your boss is an arsehole.

is it my imagination or is your forehead getting bigger? love the footie jammies btw

My hair is going away.

Did the unemployed hair from your head find new work on your back, knuckles or butt? My hair has all been migrating to work in more southern regions for years, if it keeps up, I will be totally bald, but with enough fur on my ass to keep any K9 fetishist happy!

I never liked my hair. As a teenager, I desperately want the blonde spiky straight hair that Sting did. Instead, I got Ted Koppel's "dead badger". So, I'm not sad to see my hair go away. It never did anything it was supposed to do anyway.

Your hair is not going away, it seems to be migrating to your face. Looks good on you.

When I was in high school in the 70's, I had BIG DISCO HAIR but only had to shave 3 times every 2 weeks, or maybe twice each week at most. When they see me now, all bald and long-bearded, I explain that Gravity Occurred.

Inappropriate Terminology

I was listening to the Stream from DC of the news and I was laughing at the term, "Plowed Out!!"

Sounds a tad kinky or does that happen to slut bottoms at MAL or IML?

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