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The Throne and the Sword
I have a throne now! Ok, it's a boot blacking chair, so I can polish Master Thor's boots (thornyc) whenever He comes to visit me in Alexandria, Virgina. But I love the stained glass swords that now frame the doorway, which I bought for some privacy when I'm walking around the house nude. Which is almost all the time. They are from of the cheezy Ren Faire furniture collection at Toscano. I love Toscano... though I have to admit they're kind of tacky, the way that Hot Topic or ThinkGeek is tacky. It's a guilty pleasure.



Come visit sometime!

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You beat me to it!!!!!!!!

Tacky or not, I love it. And I LOVE the chair!

(Deleted comment)
Craigslist! The chair needs a lot of work... I need to fix some things - but I've always wanted one. Oh, and I want to buy a scary bondage chair someday where Master Thor will keep me still for hours and hours and days and days.

Edited at 2010-02-20 12:27 am (UTC)

...and make you watch "Can't Stop The Music" on repeat.

Where did you find the chair? Looks like Mission Style.

i'd love to come visit! :-)

Would love to come out for a visit sometime.

Of course, the purchase of the stained glass was for privacy reasons. It had nothing to do with the subliminal message involving penetration - the sword through the crown. Me thinks a sheathing of the sword would be a rather good thing.

ThinkGeek is tacky? Hell it's a lifestyle for me... lol

Yeah! I love it... I didn't mean to disparage it in any way!

I like that they fit almost perfectly in that space. :) Awesome!

And the chair is very nice. I've never had a set of boots nice enough to be polished. (Work boots only.)

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