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Lady Georgia Georgia

Work is sending me to Atlanta, Georgia for a class, from Monday March 1 to Sunday March 7. Does anybody want to hang out?

I'll be stuck M-F northwest of town in Kennesaw, but I'm hoping I can make it into Atlanta Friday night through Sunday to see the city. Is there anything you can recommend I should see or do?

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Fort Troff, of course, where you may buy me something to use on you.

(Deleted comment)

That damn LaBarbera! He spoils everything!

Since you're going to be up in that neck of the woods anyway, you have to drive down to Marietta and see The Big Chicken.

Downtown there's the Margaret Mitchell House if you want your dose of Gone With The Wind, Zoo Atlanta, and the three-fer of the Georgia Aquarium and the World Of Coca-Cola which are both beside the Centennial Olympic Park.

To the east is Stone Mountain Park, to the west is Six Flags Over Georgia. Add in visits to the Atlanta Eagle and Fort Troff, and there's a full weekend-plus of Things To Do.

Are you around some evening?

Unfortunately, the "atl" part of my handle is from my far past - I've just never gone off and bought a token to rename myself. :-{{{{

We left the Atlanta area in 2006 for Columbia, SC, left Columbia in 2007 for Nashville, and left Nashville in 2008 for Toronto. Though, since I lived in the Atlanta metro area for 22 years, I figured I could still help even with some possibly-slightly-stale information.

and CNN has a nice tour also.

(Deleted comment)
Mary Mac's. Love it. Love it. LOVE. IT.

And I've bought many a dozen KKs after staggering out of the Eagle at closing time. Back in the 80's and early 90's the KK folks always knew to have "Hot Doughnuts Now" blinking, right as the bars let out each night. LOL

Yes, is much with the tasty. I'll have to see if we can take him to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and maybe the Shakespeare Tavern. Good idea with the aquarium and WoC

Kennesaw is 20 miles south from where I live but I am fairly certain I will be in Florida and then NC during the time you are here... but if plans change I will let you know.

Too bad 'cause I'd love to meet you sometime. Please let me know!

The Southern Museum, in association with the Smithsonian Institution, is a premier metro Atlanta museum, featuring exhibits on Civil War and locomotive history.


My hometown! I haven't been there in almost two years now. I love giving tours... although there are always new things to see when I go back now.

Mattison and I live here, maybe we could do dinner

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