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Not Hot-lanta

I'm in Atlanta (actually, Kennesaw... an hour NW of Atlanta) and it's *snowing*.

WTF, Georgia?


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Yes, it's been a strange winter.. who knows, maybe a mini - ice age is headed our way!

Welcome to the Hell I refer to as "Moving back to the South to get warm."

(Deleted comment)
Sorry, but Master Thor won't let me go see Alice without Him! (correction: movies just aren't as fun without Him sitting next to me)

But yes, dinner, Thursday would be great! I wanted to eat at Woodfire (http://www.woodfiregrill.com/) because executive chef Kevin Gillespie is adorable (if you want proof... click the link). But they are booked for the next week. Instead, how about Watershed, co-owned by Emily Saliers or the Indigo Girls? (http://www.watershedrestaurant.com)

(Deleted comment)
You bet! 6 pm or 6:30?

It's March, for crying out loud! Didn't Georgia get the memo?!!

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