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Ropin' and Rasslin'
Guess what I did this weekend for the first time?

Yeah, I decided I needed a new hobby that would cost a lot of money and suck up all my weekends this summer.

The Colorado Gay Rodeo Association had an open cattle practice day, so the members could practice for the upcoming summer rodeos. We're hosting the national finals in October, so it should be a pretty busy summer.

I've done some roping in the past, but I've forgotten everything I knew. Still, after about an hour or so roping the practice steer (the plastic one that couldn't move), I could do 8 for 10 from about 10 feet. But what I really enjoyed was the chute dogging. I wrestled a few steers, but none of them fell.

I guess if I was a real hired hand on a ranch, I'd be fired by now! Still, I had a lot of fun...

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I went to my first gay rodeo last August. It was a blat. All I did was drink and make out with hot guys. LOL

My first partner was a chute-dogger (in gay rodeo in CA). Being a 'rodeo spouse' was fun, if a little unnerving once in awhile (when it looked like the steer would get the bloody better of him).

Have a great time with this, look forward to seeing you here and (once in awhile) after I am back in CA.

Thats awsome!
glad you had fun!

when my knee behaves i ride barrels. a friend of mine has horses, and i help her get the three year old ready for the pro circuit. barrels is the light-weight's rodeo sport... theres no way i'd be chute dodging! and Blue, the horse, is far too skittish for roping competitions. we stick to what we're good at, speed!

If you want to take it up a notch, and since you love pain [g]), you might try the Lyle Sankey Rodeo School. They teach all rodeo roughstock events.

This is a real-live rodeo school for (mostly) people who want to compete professionally.
It's also open to guys like me who want to do a "fantasy camp". I took the 3-day saddle bronc course.
More importantly, the school has always been fairly welcome to IGRA competitors who want some serious training.
The calendar looks like they have a couple school dates in Colorado. You might want to check it out.

"Guess what I did this weekend for the first time?"

My guess would be that's a pretty short list.... ;-)

Nice to meet you over the weekend! Did you see Joe's pic of us on Flickr? It's an odd one..

fun, huh! that very same expensive, time-hoggin' hobby is the one my son does. He's a heeler, and he's pretty darn good!

have fun! I ride horses all day long, every day (erm, except when I have a broken pelvis...) and love love love it!!

That was a fun time wasnt it?
I TRIED to chute dog twice. DAMN those steer were big and skitish that day. But Shane and I got the best time for steer deco! Yes Im with you, I think Im hooked now.

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