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Not Nudie
In addition to cutting my beard, my mom also told me to go buy a new suit. However, she didn't tell me what *kind* of suit!


Cut for more photos of me in a suit. Sheesh you'd think I was Gryphon (gryphons_hole ) with all these fashion shots!







While I was in Atlanta, I went to Laredo Western Wear, in the Plaza Fiesta mall just south of the DeKalb-Peachtree airport. This mall is a trip. It's more Mexican than Mexico. It's like someone took an old shopping center, and filled it in with a warren of Blade-Runner-style booths filled with the oddest things. Old Sega Genesis cartridges sat next to shop that sold smoothie machines. Not smoothies... but the machines to make smoothies. Little girl's white Quinceañera dresses were next to a meat market selling parts of pigs that I didn't know were parts of pigs.

In the suit shop, only one girl spoke english, so I had to try my bad high school Spanish, "¿Esto con los pantalones?" I liked the Nudie suits, but I thought those were too flamboyant for a business meeting Des Moines, Iowa. Plus, they were really pricey. But amazingly beautiful. I'll have to wait buying one until my country-western CD goes platinum.

The plants are from my entry room next to the new bootblack chair. It's fake bamboo - I'm not raising marijuana in my hallway.

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I like the suit! You look great! It reminds me of THIS ZZ Top song:

I knew the plants were bamboo; we had that growing at the farm - the real thing grows like a weed, and it messed up one end of the patio.

You should have bought a panda!

LoL, nix on the Panda, but I had wanted a REAL Tiger at one point!

I'd read a Nat'l Geo article on people who had Tigers as pets - one woman had a king size bed so that her tiger could sleep with her every night!

George wouldn't let me get a tiger. He said it would have cost too much to feed it everyday, and it would have eaten my cats, as well.

It was a fun idea, though!

Very good suit, and it suit you good.

It suits you well.

If you get to Houston, Austin, or DFW, checkout the Fiesta Mart grocery stores.

(Deleted comment)
There's one... um... *somewhere*. (rummaging) In one of these unopened boxes...

With THAT look, it needs to be a bolo or a string tie!

You look great in a suit!

You pull off pinstripes very well.

& I love Mexican western wear stores. There's one on Mission St. in San Francisco that I always stop in at everytime I'm in the neighborhood. I couldn't pull off any of the extra-sharp fashions (the store also carries zoot suits!), but I do own a couple pairs of extra-sharp Mexican cowboy boots.

My vote would have been for a nice latex Union suit, with one of those handy access panels in the back, or even a fursuit, but pinstripes are nice too. Still, couldn't you have found something more restrictive and less comfortable? Pinstripes are just not very kinky in most circumstances.....

Handsome... not to mention sexy!!!!

Your mother needs to get a frickin' life!

She's under a lot of stress, with her sister so sick. I think she likes to worry about me, because my problems are manageable. Everything is else is just so huge... it helps her to focus on little picky things for right now.

Edited at 2010-03-27 03:32 am (UTC)

Very classy! You clean up quite nicely. You dirty down quite nicely too! WOOF!

A handsome bear in a suit.... now there is something to get things moving down below..... Grrrrr.

The Nudie Suits would have given everyone at your business meeting a heart attack ...

Thanks Rat! I was worried you'd be mad at me 'cause I chickened out and cut my beard instead of let it grow...

I have no problem with how anyone keeps their beard.
Though I am glad to see you didn't remove all of it.

ok, so, s'not bad, needs a tie. and where's the pix of the boots you're gonna wear with that suit? hrm? come on, show it ALL!

nice choice the classic white shirt.. it'd be hot with an raspberry or turquoise though....(white tie in those cases of course). Keep feeding mom little stuff to "help" you fix having success in the smallest ways can make all the difference! You're a great son... and not bad looking either *wink*

Your mom will be very happy, along with everyone else who likes photos of hot bears in pinstripes!

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