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Corn Haulers

When I was in Iowa last weekend, I had brunch at the Machine Shed with my friends Dustin (Mukcub) and Bill. They got married last weekend! Because, they live in Iowa, and two loving adults can get hitched there, because, ya know, it's a human and moral thing to allow them to to that.

The Machine is a great local restaurant. The menu is full of all sorts of down-home cooking. But even better are the hunky waiters wearing overalls, and the great assortment of country knickknacks scattered around the place.


Wow! FFA also stands for the "Future Farmers of America". Go figure.






Please do not touch Elmer

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I enjoy the Machine Shed here in Lake Elmo. :-) Excellent Fried Chicken. I think if The Colonel had had their recipe, he would have been a General.

And if there was a Machine Shed within one hundred miles of my house, I would be five hundred pounds.

Fortunately, their prices are high enough that I couldn't afford to eat there on a nightly basis!!

I have an old, bright orange, FFA tshirt that I sometimes wear as sort of a shibboleth.

I love the Machine Shed.

I think you'd make a great pig farmer.... pigs are bright, social and know how to have fun....

Say hey to Mudkub for me. I visited him way back in June of '03.

Dustin and Bill make a very nice couple!

Funniest. Post. Title. Evar.

however much my bear and I like the Machine Shed (Rockford IL), and partake as much of the coleslaw and cottage cheese that they care to bring out, I hate giving the own my money. The Machine Shed is a chain, whose owner ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress for Iowa in 2006.

Men cruising is good there, though.

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