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And here is the best of the rest, because it didn't fit into the previous two posts.

Best Techno for the First Quarter

1. Four Tet "There Is Love In You"

If you came to my house lately, and if you allowed me to tie you up with a blindfold on and a heavy hood over your head; leather and rope laced around your chest and around your nipples; your legs spread wide for easy access; your hands enclosed in leather fistmitts with your elbows secured behind you... well then you could probably expect the this CD will be playing on my stereo system, because it hasn't left the stereo in the dungeon since it came out. I think my friend Ed is growing tired of it, but the visiting pup thought it was "groovy".

2. Autechre "(Oversteps)"
3. Phantogram "Eyelid Movies"
4. Little Boots "Little Boots" (I know, I know, it came out as an import last year, but I'm finally getting into it with the domestic release)
5. Mark E "Mark E Works 2005-2009: Selected Tracks And Edits"

Best Reissues for the First Quarter of 2010

1. Jonathan Coulton "JoCo Looks Back"
2. Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now! "Fixin' The Charts (Volume One)" (Actually a covers CD instead of a reissue, but I'll put it here since 1) it's almost a comedy album and 2) I really hope they make a "Volume 2")
3. Zang Tumb Tuum "The ZTT Box Set" (Again, I think this came out last year, but it's took good to not promote as widely as I can)
4. Warp 20 "(Chosen)", "(Unheard)", and "(Recreated)"
5. Pet Shop Boys "Pandemonium"

Best CD Artwork for the First Quarter of 2010

1. Peter Gabriel "Scratch My Back"
2. Robyn Hitchcock "Propeller Time"
3. Liars "Sisterworld"
4. Autechre "(Oversteps)"
5. The Whigs "In The Dark"

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