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Be My Muddy Buddy

Does anybody want to run/bike the "Muddy Buddy" challenge with me next month? It's a 10k jogging and bike race that finishes up in a giant mud pit! An excuse to get in shape AND to get dirty! I'll pay the $150 entry fee if anyone wants to be my partner. The date is Sunday May 2nd, and it's in Richmond, VA. You can check out the web site at:


C'mon, it'll be fun! I won't be able to compete if I can't find a partner by April 28th. It will be an experience you've never had before...

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Oh, baby! Ten years and a hundred pounds ago...

You don't have a lot of local readers here at LJ, so be sure to try Facebook -- and Craigslist as well! Good luck in finding a mud bud!

OH NOZ! I just read the fine print, and in your excitement you forgot you'll be in NYC that weekend, attending the Tribeca Film Festival!

If it's any consolidation I'll go out on a run with you and throw mud pies at you.

As much fun as Muddy Buddy sounds like, fortunately there are plenty of similar events:

June 12, outside Philly

RunAmuck is the same weekend in DC and June 19 in NYC (Bingham Cup), but also in Philly on May 15!

July 18, Philly
and Oct 3, NYC

Aug 7, Norfolk, VA

August 14, the Marines from Quantico also have their own Run Amuck http://www.marinecorpshistorichalf.com/Left_Nav/MCM_Event_Series_460/Run_Amuck.htm

and the Marines run a big and popular mud run in September in Roanoke, although their website is down right now

Edited at 2010-04-20 04:32 am (UTC)

Nice to see that my Club Mud has grown into main stream stuff, so everybody can do it. Although it ain't the same without boots and jeans and leathers.

If I were closer I'd do it with you.

ohhhh I so wish I could!

I was set to do this in 2006 with a friend, but, I then I had to go and fall off my motorcycle and break my leg. I'd love to do it again eventually.

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