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Yes, it's a $25,000 foosball table. I tremble in fear for this nation. Limited edition of 6.


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We Girls Can Do Anything!
Accept math.
Math is hard.

LOL!! Good one, Steve!

I wonder how Foosball would have been back in my college days if we'd had a table like THAT one at the student lounge instead of the old conventional one!

Yep, girls can normally accept mathematical problems, in my experience.

I love it, as gross as I find Barbie to be...

And I think the boys will love to play it, simply to flip 'em up and peek up the skirts...

I tremble in fear for YOU! :o)

Did you order one yet? You could bondage up the Barbies!

In place of a ping-pong ball they should use the head of a Ken doll.

But they're not wearing pretty pink stilettos! Don't buy it!

I want that to go with the water-column of tumbling Barbie shoes I lusted after at FAO Schwartzes!

The "Armless Barbie Foosball Table"...get yours today.

I know what I'm getting Wylie for Christmas......

You're going to have to re-do the hair after each game.

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