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"It's Puzzling, Captain"


Only one correct answer to the puzzle I posed yesterday.David Perkins (dhpbear ) answered correctly within an hour of me posting the question. As for the rest of you... well, there is no partial credit.

The correct series from the exact center of the cube to F14 is:

(F14 R14 B11 F13 B15 L12 F12 B12 R12 F15 B13 F11 L14 B14)'

I think I figured out the series from the exact center of the cube to F20, but it's rather hard, and I have been unable to check my work. Here is my answer:

(F20 R17 D B24 L18 F13 R9 B2 U L10 F6 B16 R19 D F22 L18 B13 R7 F4 U L6 B10)'

Someday, I'd love to be able to derive a generic solution, or write a computer program that could figure out any combination starting from any point inside the space. I wonder if this puzzle has any practical application. But then again, isn't fucking around with ideas the way most scientific breakthroughs are discovered? You read it here first...
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