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Reading Is Fun & Mental
Here are some more photos from my current favorite book "Reading Mastery II: Storybook 1 (Rainbow Edition)". I can't think of any possible children's story where these illustrations would be appropriate.



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Whatever happened to the wholesome children's authors like Bill Peet, Richard Scarry, Maurice Sendak, etc.? I know Richard Scarry's estate decided to cave to pressures of television and re-write his books to be more politically correct and turn them into cheesy television cartoons.

Bill Peet hasn't been in publication for years, but, I remember two of his books, "The Pinkish Purpleish, Bluish, Egg" (or some color sequence like that) and "The Ant and the Elephant."

It also amazes me that so many of the old children's cirricula from years ago (e.g., The Letter People, Sesame Street, and *bleah* The 'New' Electric Company) have be re-written and/or perversed such that the concern is political correctness (such as accommodating "hip-hop" and "rap" as a real language) rather than teaching children to speak, read, and write correctly.

I loved Bill Peet! My favorite was about a skiing mountain goat.

Here are some other fun books to read!

Re: Here are some other fun books to read!

Thank You Sir... don't forget:

Re: Here are some other fun books to read!

I am for once speechless. Utterly.

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