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I've got a confession...

I like cologne. Sometimes I make myself smell like Calvin Klein: Obsession, Eternity, CK1. I've even been known to wear Polo, for that eighties flashback of my teenage years. I've been looking for that Old Spice odor of a daddybear, but I think they've changed the formula because it doesn't smell like I remember, the scratchy aftershave of older men. Maybe I'm thinking of Brut, or Hai Karate maybe.

Do you think they'll take away my leatherman membership card due to my tastes? I promise not to wear it to the bar. Nope, I'll be unshowered for that - right after a hot wrestling workout!

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As for myself, I am not a fan on scents. I tend to like men freshly showered. Occasionally, it is great to enjoy and man who smells like a man. That's not to say he should be "ripe" just unenhanced.

I swear some of the queens marinate themselves in perfume. I'm not ready to smell like I've been hit by a flower truck.

Perhaps you could try a leather smelling cologne.

any shortcomings you have in the olfactory taste department was MORE than made up for with that picture.

Fly and be free! WOOF

DAMN.... very nice.. hmm have you tried Aqua Velva..

Geezus....you and I need to dress up in our singlets together...and then proceed to strip them off...


Just for contrast & a giggle ...


Not to prove Patrick isn't the hawt, 'cause he is ... just to show he doesn't take himself too seriously (part of the hawt, at least for me ;-)).

LOL....I have pictures of me like THAT floating around, too...

And I do think that being yourself is definitely the hawt. :)

(Deleted comment)
You and I have a lot in common, then, handsome...

(Deleted comment)
Well, yes to 1 and 3, and I'll need you to define no respect for food to me before I can answer 2...

wuuuuuuuuuuuufa my friend ...

If I do cologne at all, I tend to prefer the spicy/musky/citrus (but not too much) blends.

i also confess to liking cologne sometimes. i'm very picky in what i like though... i really only like the citrus sorts of scents like ck one.

i also confess to keeping a small bottle of adidas sport in my bag for when i am going straight from school to work, or straight from paramedic work to teaching... if its been a long sweaty day i prefer that not to be too obvious.

fear of my leatherman card being revoked usually prevents me from making these sorts of confessions. i do redeam myself in that my favorite scent on a man is that of cigarrete smoke mixing with freshly washed hair, and maybe a lingering hint of whiskey from the night...

I like scents too. I love heady flowers, insence, I even like perfumy foods with strong spicy odors. A VERY slight smell of body odor is nice, ONLY if you can smell it VERY up close. If you can smell a guy from a few feet...take a freekin' shower! I also have a HUGE lockerroom/shower fetish, so the freshly cleaned smell ties right into that.

*twitches his ears* But freshly washed has very little smell :) I mean other than shampoo

I've got a bottle of Satsuma stuff from the Body Shop. And a couple of deodourants from Lush. But then I have problems with both sweating too much and really sensitive armpits at times.

I have nothing to say on the cologne thing but that armpit shot... *drool*

must control urge to jump on screen and devour

Gimme one good reason why I shouldnt tie you up, carry you off and molest the hell outta ya.

Hot shot!

I confess I've become a fan of scents too. I really like one called "Black" and recently sctmpls's sister gave me one called "Blue Jeans" which is kinda casual. I'm also fond of a citrusy one called "Hesperides".

oh just give it a while, cologne will make a comeback or whatever..

I also have a fondness for Brut and Old Spice, though I'd never wear them myself. They make me extremely horny for some reason. Polo amd Aramis also used to make me squirm.

I used to wear heaps of different colognes when I was younger (largely due to the influence of my ex), but I sailed away from them when we broke up. About the only thing that I liked for awhile was Hilfiger Athletic, which had a nice lemony scent.

Once that ran out, I went on a hiatus again.

Now, I find myself buying Lapidus, CK Crave and D & G Masculine. All very different. I drive Blondie at work totally crazy, because she thinks they all smell hot.

I don't mind when a man smells musky, but I can't stand strong BO. Bleach. Different strokes for different folks.

When I taught high school, I used to try to forbid, as best I could, any strong scents in the classroom. Body sprays, colognes, all that. I'll just have to rip that shirt offa you and wipe you down. With a tongue bath.


-- Just don't say you use the cologne to mask the smell of whatever you were wallowing in, 'cause that would just be nasty and wrong.

I used to like cologne... Haven't worn it in a long time. I hate how colognes can get stale -- then your laundry smells like stale cologne... However, I AM a product queen -- H2O products particularly. ;>

There was a study years ago that had women sniff undershirts to find out which natural armpit smell turned them on, and it so happened that the shirts from men that were of completely different genotypes than the women were the sexiest smelling. I think I read somewhere too that gay men are also turned on this way, but that armpit smell doesn't do anything for straight men.

I only wear cologne when I'm going to be around ladies all day long, like on holidays, I use Tabac, they make it in Germany, and it smells sort of like Cavendish pipe tobacco.

It's hard to look tough with granite countertops in the background, but you're doing well otherwise. :-)

I'll 'fess up to Old Spice deodorant (the tendency to sweat from the antidepressant makes deodorant a necesssity..). And that whole Pinnaud Clubman line (the barbershop talc) -- I actually mail order the shampoo.

So far, no-one's threatened to take my leather card away.

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