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The Tribulations of Muffy and Percival/ First World Problem
My mood is good - I've been happy for the whole month of May. Life is great now since getting off Lamictal in April... that stuff really made me depressed. I like my house and DC, my job is ok, I love serving Master Thor, and there are fun things planned all summer.

So, I need to remind myself that the little stuff is not a big deal. In that vein, I give you some MP3s by "MC Frontalot", the world's premiere "nerdcore rapper"... a guy who writes songs about math, science, and computers. These are off his new CD, "Year Zero".


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if you haven't already, check out Nerdcore Rising, a combination documentary on the nerdcore scene and an MC Frontalot tour video (bonus! awesome motion typography of Frontalot lyrics). it's available for instant viewing on Netflix.

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