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I like that I can see into your mouth.

Yeah, you can put things in there...

good, I've got some ideas about that.

I smoked an H. Upmann last night for the first time in about twelve years (they went to shit and I abandoned them in favor of Montecristo), and I have to say their Vintage Cameroon line is decent.

i recklessly found you on the last hours of smokeout. earlier intervention next year (GRIN)

This is the first good, clear pic I've seen of you. Glad it's with a 'gar.

And you claim to be a bottom looking like that?


I am pretty anti-tobacco, in all forms, but you are one sexy cub.

What's with all the cigar talk lately? First [Bad username: champdaddy"] posts something yesterday. I'm close to running out so I picked some up today, and now here you go posting pics of you with one. Does spring make us crave them that much more or something? :)

It's a "meme"... just ignore it. Soon everyone will be doing something else: posting pictures of their dog, lipsynching to clips from "Heroes", or posting their favorite joke.

Bud.... great pic, love to smoke a Cohiba every once in a while myself. Have a great weekend.

Outside the Wrangler? I thought about going there tonight, but I'm just exhausted. Not enough sleep, plus today was a full day of white-knuckle driving up and down Pike's Peak, plus the Rapids game.

Nice to finally meet you at the bust yesterday.

WOOF!! HOT photo of you:-) That pic makes me so want to get down on my knees ;-)

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