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Math Question #2


I've finally opened all my moving boxes, and every CD I own is spread out over several shelves. The problem? They aren't alphabetized. I would like to sort them in order, but I would like to reserve enough shelf space first.

For example, imagine that I have 100 shelves. I could allocate 4 shelves for all the "A" CDs, 4 shelves for all the "B" CDs, and so on. However, this isn't a good strategy, since I don't own many CDs starting with the letter "Q", and many starting with "S".

Is there any good rule of thumb for how many CDs start with each letter of the alphabet? I would love a table that says "S = 12.87% and X=0.52%". I guess I could calculate the percentages from the list of CDs I own, but I was wondering if someone had already done this. Thanks!
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