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Math Question #2

I've finally opened all my moving boxes, and every CD I own is spread out over several shelves. The problem? They aren't alphabetized. I would like to sort them in order, but I would like to reserve enough shelf space first.

For example, imagine that I have 100 shelves. I could allocate 4 shelves for all the "A" CDs, 4 shelves for all the "B" CDs, and so on. However, this isn't a good strategy, since I don't own many CDs starting with the letter "Q", and many starting with "S".

Is there any good rule of thumb for how many CDs start with each letter of the alphabet? I would love a table that says "S = 12.87% and X=0.52%". I guess I could calculate the percentages from the list of CDs I own, but I was wondering if someone had already done this. Thanks!

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Yes, but it requires a vacuum and no gravity......

thank you!
i've always thought there was an inordinately large number of bands with names beginning in "S", but wasn't sure if that was just because i used to be a big collector of Smashing Pumpkins releases.
it seems "M" bands come next.

my CD collection is organized alphabetically by artist, then categorically (album, EP, single, box set...) within each artist, then chronologically within each category, then, if i have multiple copies of release from different parts of the world, geographically starting from the east coast of the US working east and giving precedence to the north. when i ripped my entire CD collection to iTunes, it was disconcerting that i could not maintain this order, but i have since adjusted.

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True, but I love the FEEL of a CD... looking at the case, and the care the artist puts into creating a coherent visual package. Even the color of the CD tray can influence how I feel about a CD. Tool's "Opiate" is a very black CD for me, while XTC's "Mummer" feels like an old book. That changes how I hear the music, for some reason. I know some people feel that way about vinyl, when the cover art was larger than a 6 inch by 6 inch square.

I am so very very jealous of your Into The Void single and your Sugar bootlegs. Holy shit, and your single of World Destruction.

Yep, you have a very impressive CD collection.


the letter E accounts for 12.7% of all letters in English, whereas Z accounts for 0.1 %.

Letter↓ Frequency↓
a 8.167%
b 1.492%
c 2.782%
d 4.253%
e 12.702%
f 2.228%
g 2.015%
h 6.094%
i 6.966%
j 0.153%
k 0.772%
l 4.025%
m 2.406%
n 6.749%
o 7.507%
p 1.929%
q 0.095%
r 5.987%
s 6.327%
t 9.056%
u 2.758%
v 0.978%
w 2.360%
x 0.150%
y 1.974%
z 0.074%

Do you think that holds true for the first letter of words? I can't think of that many words starting with the letter "E"

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Cool! Where did you get that from?

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...since I don't own many CDs starting with the letter "Q"...

Wow! No Queen?

Yes, a few. And "Queens of the Stone Age", "Quasi", and "Queensrÿche". No "Quarterflash" though!

Have you made digital copies of your CD collection? If so, you could maybe put the names into Excel and then sort them.

Z Q X are minimal letters.

But allow me to show you something else..


You are spending way too much time on a very antiquated medium


Oh, I must be in a manic state tonight. You may know what that's like. I played a CD I never head before, and the song that came on filled my head with wonder. It was like all of the lyrics spoke directly to me, and I was inspired to go to the piano and figure out the chords. I was in a WONDERFUL state, as if everything in my life was perfect and the world was beautiful. It is "up" moments like that which almost make the depressed parts of bipolar disorder seem worthwhile. Maybe I'll crash soon, but it was an incredible feeling tonight and I felt stunningly alive. It was better than sunshine - the light was all inside my head, streaming outward.

Edited at 2010-05-18 02:50 am (UTC)

Here is the song I heard tonight that changed my life. Seriously.

Harvey Danger "Little Round Mirrors"

All alone
On the floor
Next to your twin-bed box-spring and mattress
The door
Is ajar
From afar
You can hear bands practicing

And When they dream they all
Dream of somebody like you
Somebody who takes what they make
Twice as seriously as they could ever hope to do
And when you dream
You dream of a day...

When you find something you could love half as much
As you love all your little round mirrors
See yourself reflected in one, theres a hole in the middle
You can't seem to fill

Bring them home
Watch them go
All you know is you hope they'll hurry back
And you cry
Then you lie your frail body down
Like a penny on a railroad track
And even if they stay in touch
The past stays in the past
But every time
You crash a little bit harder than the last
And every time you crash don't you

Wanna find something you could love
Half as much as you love all your little round mirrors
See yourself reflected in one
There's a hole in the middle you can't seem to fill

A shooting star is
A little piece of
Cosmic debris desperately wanting to fall to earth
It doesn't get too far
It's not a real star
It's hardly even worth footnotes in your memoir
Shoulder to shoulder
Up on our tip-toes
Chewing our fingers
And craning our necks
Just to see
Quite the collection
Divide by section
It's just a surrogate connection leaving you all alone

On the floor next to your twin-bed box-spring and mattress
The door
Still ajar
There you are and now you're coming to stay until

You can find someone who will love you as much
As you love all your little round mirrors
Murdering your time in cold blood
There's a hole in the middle you can't seem to fill

Thats quite the collection you've got there! Nice to see one of the few folks who own The Foremen CD's - one of my fave satricial groups.

My physical collection has dwindled mightly since my piggy collector days in the 80's and early 90's; multiple cross country moves took care of that. But according to my I-Tunes, I have 4144 albums by 2052 artists (some are only a couple of songs per artist via comps or soundtracks).

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