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Who Murdered Robert Wone?

Washington DC is talking about the first day of the trial of the murder of Robert Wone. If you haven't heard about this case, please check out the wiki page at:

On August 2, 2006, Robert Wone - a 32 year old lawyer for "Radio Free Asia" - was working late at 10:30 pm and decided not to go home. Instead, he called his wife Kathy, and told her that he was going to crash at the Dupont Circle home of his William & Mary college buddy Joe Price. That night, Price and his renter Dylan Ward were drinking water in the kitchen, while Price's gay partner, Victor Zaborsky was alone in his bedroom watching "Project Runway". Price and Ward welcome Wone, showed him to a spare bedroom, and everyone went to bed for the night. Around 11 pm, Price and Zaborsky said they heard the beep of the security system from the back door. A few minutes later, they heard a low scream, and then another. When they got to the second-floor bedroom, they found Wone in bed, stabbed to death.

Certain details of the murder are odd. The paramedics found almost no blood in the room, as if Wone's corpse had been showered and all evidence cleaned up. The bloody knife by the bedside table was too small to cause the stab wounds in the body, and fibers were wiped on the blade to make it appear as if it was the murder weapon. Instead, a knife fitting the description was missing from a cutlery set that Dylan ward kept in his rented downstairs apartment. It was soon revealed that the Dylan Ward was not just a renter, but was an S&M Top who was the third in a "thruple" relationship with Price and his partner. Price initially lied about finding Wone's body by the patio door, then changed his story to has they found him in bed. Price (a lawyer), his partner (a marketing executive for the "Got Milk" campaign), and Dylan Ward have all stuck to their story and have not provided any details on the night's events over the last three years.

Pardon me for being morbid, but I wanted to post about the murder. I am interested in this case, not so much for the "CSI: DC" details, but because it's gotten me thinking about gay life in the 2010s, and how the media sensationalizes BDSM. Check out this webpage describing the S&M toys found in Dylan Ward's room:

The prosecution's current theory is that Price and Dylan Ward gave Wone a paralytic drug that knocked him out. That explains why there were no defensive wounds on Wone's body, commonly found with knife attacks. Price and Dylan Ward stuck an electro-ejaculator in Wone's ass, and smothered him with a pillow. Then, they stabbed him to death three times. One theory is that Price and Ward thought Wone was dead when he was just unconscious, and they stabbed him to cover up the accident during sex play.

Could any of this be true? Here are some of my thoughts:

Was Robert Wone gay? Wone's wife says he wasn't. The DC detective said Wone was "straight as the day is long". However, to me, the "working late" story sounds false. Wone lived in Oakton, a DC suburb just 18 minutes away. I can't think of anybody who would crash at a friend's house when he could be at home by midnight in his own bed with his wife. One internet blogger insists that in this modern age, surely a straight man could stay as his gay friend's house without any sex happening. But even though I have a spare bedroom myself, I've never had a straight co-worker ask to crash near work so he didn't have to go home.

Was Robert Wone killed during a hard-core BDSM scene? It came out last year that Joe Price had a profile on Pardon me, but I know a whole lot of gay people, and *none* of us have a profile on The site is kind of a "BDSM-lite" hook-up site for straight people. Neither Price nor Dylan Ward were known in the DC leather scene, nor are the details in Price's profile very extreme. "Light bondage" and "preppie dress"? It doesn't sound like a couple who would try to do a hardcore chemical immobilization scene. Who keeps a cutlery set in their bedroom? Then again, Dylan Ward was a graduate of culinary school. It all seems very slap-and-tickle S&M to me.

Did Price, his parter, and Dylan Ward have a three-way relationship? This was the thing that first had me thinking about media coverage of the trial. Newspaper reporters seemed dazed at the idea of an S&M Master living in the house. "How does a three way relationship work?" asked an article in this month's Washingtonian magazine. To me, it sounds rather expected. Price and his parner were affluent gay guys who had been together for years. I imagine that Price discovered BDSM later in life. His partner wasn't really into it, but since they were both rather well-off and had an unused basement apartment, Price found a live-in Top who he could play with. To me, it's almost sappily domestic, and I find it odd that the mainstream media can't understand a polyamorous dynamic like that.

What will happen at the trial? The DC police really messed up this case. A lot of evidence was destroyed, such as all the messages on Wone's Blackbery, and all police radio records from the night of the murder. There is no evidence to charge anybody with murder. More than likely, Price will serve time for changing his story of discovering the body, and if they can prove the crime scene was tampered with. I am more interested at the other details. Since the murder, Price and his partner moved into an apartment, while Dylan Ward moved to Florida to live in a house Price bought for him. Recently, Dylan Ward moved back to DC to be with Price and his partner. It is details like that which seem everyone seem very human and the events seem very tragic and sad. All three men are still living together, pending the outcome of the trial, but I don't think the world will ever know what the three men talk about amongst themselves when nobody else is around.
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