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The Chaos


A busy weekend for me for the DC Leather Weekend. Tonight (Friday, 6/4/2010) I'll be at Motley's Bar (and EFN lounge) at 6 PM for the Mr. & Ms. Capital Pride Leather Step-Down. Then, I've got tickets for the power-pop punk band The Futureheads at the Black Cat. I love their new CD "The Chaos", and think it's one of the best of the year so far.

Tomorrow I'll be going to the educational day classes at the DC Center for the LGBT Community. Boy Alex is teaching a class on bootblacking, which I need. I don't know about my plans for Saturday night... the All Colors Night at the DC Eagle or maybe CODE at Motley Bar. But that's a lot of bar-hopping for me for one weekend. Still, I'd love to do some shopping at the Eagle's Leather Flea Market that night at 10 pm.

Sunday there's the DCLeatherPRIDE Street Festival and Fair in front of the DC Eagle from 1 pm to 8 pm. It's the first year for this, and I'm prepared for both fun and fiasco. I'm going to haul a friend's bootblacking chair and do a few hours in the afternoon. Then, there might be puppy play. But I think I'll retire early Sunday night out of sheer exhaustion. Then again, I may meet someone new {grin}

Take care, and I hope everyone has a great weekend for the start of the summer season.

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