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Date This... Motherfuckers
Black eye

Have you seen those ads for eHarmony? Are you single and gay and thought you might like to try a dating service? Well, tough.

eHarmony is a bigoted anti-gay organization with ties to Focus on the Family. They were created for exclusively as a Christian dating site, a fact not mentioned in their television advertisements. There is currently a movement to get the pro-gay Bravo cable network to stop broadcasting eHarmony ads.

The rationalization for excluding gay people has changed over time. At first, eHarmony said they didn’t want to alienate their core audience, Christian religious conservatives. Then, in another excuse, they claimed that Bayesian statistics don’t work for gay people. Or, a spokewoman claims complete ignorance of the gay community is the cause of the discriminatory policy. Currently, eHarmony’s excuse is that gay marriage is illegal, and they wouldn’t want the company to associate with illegal activity. Stay tuned for more shifting morality.

Luckily, there is another alternative: Chemistry.com. Their television ad is priceless… “Nope! Still gay!”. Note that I don’t want to censor eHarmony, or force them to change their business model. Instead, I hope that Chemistry.com buries those fuckers as a lesson to other hateful bigots that if they want to exclude millions of people from their services due to sexual orientation, they should go out of business.

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I really dont think it's fair to call eHarmony "eHate" or any other slur. It's a private business and they are free to choose their clientele. People will scream discrimination till their blue in the face, but really, that's not goint to accomplish very much. There are more than enough online dating sites where homosexuals can meet, to say nothing of those sites that cater exclusively to homosexuals. I've never heard of any heterosexual groups (if you want to call them that) fuming that gay.com or planetout.com arent accomodating to straight love-sex-seekers, so really, homosexuals need to conduct themselves in a slightly less juvenile manner and just leave eHarmony alone. If advocates want to try and get Bravo to drop eHarmony commercials, that's fine. But attacking the site itself... just not necessary.

The eChemistry ads however, are quite entertaining.

True, the "eHate" is a little over-the-line, but I created it because the first three letters of the logo were already there, and the photoshopping opportunity was too hard to resist.

I'm not mad at the company's stance as much as their weak and changing rationalization of it. If they said in their televsion ads "no gays need apply" I would be cool with that (and I have no problems with or www.christiansingles.com or www.singlesoffaith.com, for example).

But eHarmony's feeble excuses combined with the lame attempt at hiding their religious agenda is sick. Fuck them... fuck them hard.

I think it's more that they dont want to attract unwanted, negative attention from certain minorities angrily playing the victim card in a overly litigation-happy country.

eHarmony does more good for single people than bad, and, whatever their ties to other organizations may be, they should be recognized for the positive contributions they do and not villified for perceived negative (non)contributions.

Fuck that right-wing "victim" talking point. I'm a happily partnered gay man making a half-million a year. I'm no victim. You've been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh.

eHarmony is afraid of lawsuits? Are you *really* saying that? Or are you just trying to insult me? Goodbye Jeddite... please don't post any more bullshit on my page.

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I guess you might have a point. In fact, now that you mention it, there were probably enough water fountains and seats at the back of the bus for black people, so why all the fuss about segregation? And surely women had their sewing bees and quilting circles, so why did they need to get the vote?

mudcub> feel free to delete this if I'm feeding a troll you don't want fed.

The fact that they have ties to Focus On the Family warrants them being driven out of business.

it's a known hate group.

There is so little need for this kind of ridiculousness. I've been giving a lot of thought to the day-to-day little bits of homophobia we have to endure (ie, "fag, queer" in TV and movies, religious services with not-so-subtle digs at us, etc). Do eHarmoney's backwards policies affect me directly in any single, measurable way? No, of course not. But it still bugs the hell out of me.

Yeah, eHarmony doesn't bother me as much as "Sandals" did. That was a Caribbean vacation resort for couples that used to exclude gays. After some complaints, they changed their policy. (http://www.southernvoice.com/2004/10-15/news/national/sandals.cfm)

Sandals bugged me, because my old company used to often give vacations out as a raffle prize, and I knew that if I ever won, I wouldn't be able to go, and that sucked. So, hooray for Sandals, hooray for Cracker Barrel (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1589/is_2003_Feb_4/ai_97175008/pg_1), and here's hope that eHarmony get sold to someone who feels like running it as a business instead of a personal religious crusade.

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