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Date This... Motherfuckers

Have you seen those ads for eHarmony? Are you single and gay and thought you might like to try a dating service? Well, tough.

eHarmony is a bigoted anti-gay organization with ties to Focus on the Family. They were created for exclusively as a Christian dating site, a fact not mentioned in their television advertisements. There is currently a movement to get the pro-gay Bravo cable network to stop broadcasting eHarmony ads.

The rationalization for excluding gay people has changed over time. At first, eHarmony said they didn’t want to alienate their core audience, Christian religious conservatives. Then, in another excuse, they claimed that Bayesian statistics don’t work for gay people. Or, a spokewoman claims complete ignorance of the gay community is the cause of the discriminatory policy. Currently, eHarmony’s excuse is that gay marriage is illegal, and they wouldn’t want the company to associate with illegal activity. Stay tuned for more shifting morality.

Luckily, there is another alternative: Their television ad is priceless… “Nope! Still gay!”. Note that I don’t want to censor eHarmony, or force them to change their business model. Instead, I hope that buries those fuckers as a lesson to other hateful bigots that if they want to exclude millions of people from their services due to sexual orientation, they should go out of business.


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