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The Queen Of Kong
I had a big blank wall up the stairs leading to my attic, and I didn't know what to do with it. It was too big for a painting, and I didn't have anything large I could hang to cover up the space. But, with some help from Thinkgeek, and my stubborn mathematical mind, I was able to figure out how to re-create the first level of one of my favorite video games.




Yeah, I work best in the nude. Plus it was hot up there in that attic!




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(Deleted comment)
I have no idea what you're talking about. Explain before this comment gets deleted. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Deleted comment)
Cool, thanks! That's slightly cheaper than the ones I bought. And by the way... these are vinyl cutouts - no adhesive required. So they won't mark up your walls before they come off.

Mud, that is SO damned cool. I think I'm in love.

Think Geek is a wonderland of fun things.

Oh, for a minute, I thought Think Geek was an lj'er!

Hey, Mud! King Kong needs a tallywhacker, too!

That's awwwwwesome dude!

I'd like to have a Joust theme in my living room. And Tempest for the bathroom.

Joust. And Tempest. OMG. My two favorites!

I wish I could play them now!! I have inferior versions on the Gameboy and the PSP but no. I used to play a really great port of Joust at Shockwave.com, which may still be there, but it never worked on the Mac. I'm no good with emulators (like MAME) and Tempest would be next to impossible anyway, lacking the "speed dial" or whatever that thing was called!

Those were the days!

Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar is the greatest version of Tempest available anyway.

That's pretty cool!

It looks great!

This required a mathematical mind? Really?
I think maybe you just need a back rub or something.

I combined two different sets, and cut down the ladders to half their size. I decided every "step upwards" in level would be a half-ladder height, and then cut out small example of the icons in a paint program to see how many bricks I had to work with.

I'd take you up on the massage though...

You got it. Too late tonight. One night next week? Or are you two in Alex this weekend?

awesome wall art no wonder that was your favorite game
and you are such a tease :P

As you walk up the stairs, you need to get a set of plush barrels and leave them on the little landing there. ;) Maybe a plush fireball.

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