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Happy Birthday to Nikola Tesla
Hey everyone. It's Nikola Tesla's birthday today. So you should go out and electrocute an elephant!

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a more appropriate song for this post would have been Danger! High Voltage. :-P

I don't want to electrocute Stampy!

Tesla has long been one of my scientific heroes.

I've read up on his life, his struggles, and his inventions.

Some say it is due to one of his electrical tests that caused this to happen in June, 1908:


Since Tesla was all about AC and Edison the Electrocutor was all about DC, something from AC/DC might have been best.....but if we're gonna electrocute something Republican, can I nominate Sarah Palin? or at least Mitch McConnell?

I suggested Tess LaCoil as a drag name, once...

In 1990, Seattle hosted the Goodwill Games... of course you don't remember, they got NO news coverage and tanked, miserably!

BUT, there was a Goodwill Arts Festival that happened simultaneously, and I can be seen, gluing sequins on a tiara I made, for Prokoffiev's "War and Peace".

There was a MAGNIFICENT show (and I'm getting to my point, now) of artist-made machines, at COCA, back when it was on First Avenue, in which they installed 2 Tesla coils that were SO BIG, they blew the lights for the entire BLOCK, and the fire department came in and shut them down!

"Not enough art is dangerous!"

The Black Rock City Department Public Preservation reminds you to make "Saftey Third".

That's why we always camped far, far away from Disturbia!

Yes, and getting dizzy on the O3!

Hmm... Perhaps I'll electrify myself instead (lacking a convenient elephant or submissive at the moment).

Aren't there plenty of lame elephants in DC for you to zap?

This comment wins the internet today.

Tesla's voltage is lavender. Therefore, voltage is gay.

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