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Also Coming Up This Week, The Prop 8 Ruling
The US military spent 4.4 million dollars on a survey asking soldiers if they were silly gossipy queens:

Have you been assigned to share bath facilities with an open bay shower that is also used by a Service member you believed to be homosexual? (actual question from the survey)

I'm not sure hot this is pertinent to reversing "don't ask, don't tell"

What about the D.I.? What do you think about her?

Maybe. I don't know much about his private life
No, I don't think so
I don't think it's appropriate to guess about the sexual orientation of fellow soldiers

Guuuurl! You gotta be kidding me! You see the way she walk? RuPaul would pay top money for that chan-tay!

No, I'm pretty sure he's straight
You really spent 4.4 million dollars for this?

Shut yer mouf! I'm telling ya, sister, if you go shower with those fags, they're all gonna be up in yer bizness and shit

I've got to leave now
The US military was able to successfully integrate blacks and women into the service, so I'm not sure why this is an issue that needs over ten years of studies

How 'bout "separate but equal" barracks and mess halls? Ya know? That'll keep away teh gay!

(left the room)
(left the room)
I think history will look back on this period of our country and be amazed at the cowardice and homophobia of the military and think that the were acting like ignorant children

Award yourself 1 point for ever A, 2 points for every B, and for every C answer, write a check to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

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I answered the survey, can I join the military now?

I think back to my days in The Army... Many people in my unit knew about me. There were about 5 other guys as well in my unit and we didn't really hang out together or anything, but, we knew from seeing each other out and about at the gay bars etc.

Several 'straight' people knew about me too. In my years I was in, I only met one person who had a real problem with it. He was actually transferred to a different unit shortly after he tried to harass me about it.

I really think that the military should be like any other employer... stay out of your employees' private lives. As long as they show up for work and do what you ask them, there should be no problem.

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