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It Was The Summer Of Love

I turn 41 years old tomorrow. It's Daniel Radcliffe, Marlon Wayans, Alison Krauss, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Slash, Martin Gore, Woody Harrelson, Annie Sprinkle, Edie McClurg, and me! That would be one awesome birthday party.

Well, happy birthday! May you have a cake so big that you can share it with friends, then roll around in what's left. ;)

Happy Burstday! Your spanking is waiting.

Don't remind me... I'm 41!

(Deleted comment)
Happy not-your-birthday!

(Deleted comment)

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday!

But at only 41, what a youngster!


Happy Awesome Birthday!

annie sprinkle? seriously?

All I want for my birthday is to see her vuvla

happy Birthday Buddy! Come visit!!

Happy birthday cub.

I hope its a great day.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Sorry I missed you in SF ...

Re: Happy Birthday !!!

Sorry I missed *you*!

Oh them early Leos! happy happy.....

As far as I can understand astrology, I am on the "cusp" between Leo and Cancer... as early as one could get

happy birthday!

I am free all next week let's celebrate! LOL.

And Woody harrison looks wayyyyyyy older than that, don't you think?


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