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Black eye

I no longer have panic attacks. Instead, I have occasional "calm attacks" amidst near-constant panic.

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I wish I could help.

You have mighty pretty eyes, apropos of nothing.

Big news ahead! But it's really good news... I promise. There's just a HUGE distance between "here" and "there", but thrust me - 2011 is going to be really good for me.

Sorry to be cryptic and emo, but I'm busy breathing! {grin}

I had to chuckle a little at how you worded it, but still, hugs.

This is why G-d created therapists. And xanax.

You are all cleaned up, looking spiffycutehandsome and well dressed. No wonder. ;)

Calmness is directly proportional to the number of grey beard hairs one has. Give it more time.

Glad to hear progress is being made...
super ***HUGS***

You just have to make it through menopause and it will all be over. :-)

Maybe its nerves due to the big news. Are you preggers?

If he's not, it's not from lack of trying....

You just need some of my medicinal pee.

I hope you can find some peace and balance, my friend.

BTW: That's a great picture of you

I think you have more calm then you know, you're just not used to it yet. I could sense it when you were here with thornyc for rugby.

Silver linings, sweetie. There's always lots of silver, focus on the shiny not the gloom.

Hopefully these are things (like work) you can change easily, or things (like family) which can be worked out with some effort over time.


Great picture though

Awesome Handsomeness!!!! <3

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