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That's Just Fine By Me

When I was eight years old, I thought the funniest thing in the word was the song "Oh That's good, No That's Bad" by Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs:

Here's the "Hee Haw" version:

The song went something like this:

"Not long ago I was walking down the street
When a woman in a car knocked me off my feet.
Ohhhhh, That's Bad.
No, That's Good.

My insurance paid me a lot of dough,
More money than I'd seen in a year's payroll
Ohhhhh, That's Good.
No, That's Bad.

My doctor's bills is where my money went
And all I had left was a very bad limp
Ohhhhh, That's Bad.
No, That's Good.


You can guess the way the rest of the song goes. I guess it was funnier when I was eight, and my cousin (whom I worshiped) sang it to me to make me giggle.

I was inspired to write a version in order to decipher the latest news about gay marriage in California:

Forever - 6/16/2008 Gays can't get married in California

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

6/16/2008 - 11/5/2008 Whoo! Gay marriage is legal in California!

Oh, That's Good. No That's Bad

11/5/2008 - 8/4/2010 Boo, Proposition 8 makes gay marriage illegal

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

8/4/2010 - 8/6/2010 Yea! Judge rules Prop 8 is unconstitutional

Oh, That's Good. No That's Bad

8/6/2010 - 8/12/2010 Ok, there's a stay until the 9th circuit court can hear appeals

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

8/12/2010 - 8/18/2010 But wait! There's a good chance that the proponents of Prop 8 don't have legal standing to appeal. Under California's "Article III", hey don't have "legislator standing" nor have they proved they will be injured by reinstating gay marriage

Oh, That's Good. No That's Bad

? - ? Wait. Imperial County, in far southern California has filed an appeal. Though the county is mostly desert and has less than 150,000 residents, it is (barely) within the state boundaries

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

? - ? Um, the only two govermental parties who *do* have standing to bring an appeal (Schwarzenegger and his attorney general, Jerry Brown) said they will not appeal, and have instead filed to allow marriages to continue

Oh, That's Good. No That's Bad

? - ? The 9th circuit court can issue a stay without anybody asking for it, if they feel more time is justified

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

? - ? Read this ( RightWingWatch says that some anti-gay people don't *want* this case to reach the supreme court, since they know they would probably lose 5-4, since the California judge quoted Justice Kennedy's words so thoroughly that he would have to support gay marriage

Oh, That's Good. No That's Bad

? - ? Without appeal, this case would only affect California. There would still need to be a decisive national court case, as well as a slog through years of expensive state battles. Many gay rights think the Boies/Olson case is the best chance we have to legalize gay marriage in the US

Oh, That's Bad. No That's Good

? - ? Yeah, I think it's pretty good, too

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