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Last weekend I blew…

Last weekend I blew glass for the first time. This is my partner Michael Kessler, standing in front of the “glory hole”. That’s really what they call it. But don’t stick anything in that hole that you wouldn’t want to get melted in the 1250 degree heat.

Mike and I took glassblowing lessons from the “Agnes of Glass” studio in northern Denver. It was a fun all-day class, and a lot of hot hard work. We made two pieces in five hours: a paperweight and a vase.

Working with the glass was amazing. It’s like dangerous, fickle sugar candy. The glass was so hot, that I couldn’t see the colors until it cooled. And now I know why that Dale Chilhuly glass is so expensive. Not only does is the material cost a lot (little piles of colored powder that looks like dyed cocaine piles, and just about as pricey), but the amount of wasted heat must cause amazing energy bills. Making large-scale pieces is hard on your back… dripping molten crystal is heavy!

But the finished product is incredible. I love seeing the twisting shapes and shades in the glass paperweight. Every one is a work of art, and completely unexpected. I’d do it again, but I don’t think I’ll ever own a forge of my own.

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Patrick - what a cool post.

You should chat with my LJ/in-the-flesh friend Jeff Altergott (jeffinthebox) about this - I suspect you'd both enjoy the exchange. He does the glass bead-"bearbead" thing.

At my school, we have a glass-blowing club. I've always wanted to go on the field trips to the nearby museum of glass to make or buy glass pieces but I always had prior commitments...

I'm glad you had fun! Makes me want to go on those field trips even more.

As much as I enjoy your fetish posts (since we share some of the same), it's nice to see another side of you.
It's actually the thing I dislike most about virtual friendships, there is always so much more to a person that you don't get to see.

I bet you look great in a suit, can articulate likes and dislikes,and have some great kinks.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! But actually I'm a pretty dull shallow person.


This is one art form that I hope to learn. I watched it a couple weeks ago at a local studio and I saw a man work for 45 minutes on a piece that was turning beautiful and in a slip of the pole became trash.

Still, this is my life's calling. I've yet to answer.

Hell, I'd help him blow at the glory hole.

(Oops, that was my outside voice, I suppose.)

I am seriously considering taking a glass-blowing class this summer (because it's not hot enough already?). I'm glad to hear someone who's done something similar who had a good experience.

That's beyond cool. (er, so to speak)

PS: I think when you changed your journal name, somehow you got dropped from my f-list. Sorry! (or did you kill the old one completely and start a new one?)

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