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Slamming In The Hotel
Thor was wonderful enough to travel with me to Denver, Colorado last weekend for the last 'Porsches & Pastries' party from 356RESTORE. We stayed at the trendy Aloft hotel near the airport. I described to Thor how to do a Tim Tam Slam.


In an odd note, I ordered the box of chocolate TimTam cookies from Amazon. They in turn had them sent to me from an Australian supply store in San Jose, California... a store that's only a block away from my good friend Sam. So, I could have had him walk to the corner and buy me a box for a fifth of the price I paid! Oh well... it was cheaper than flying to Sydney and picking them up myself.

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Yeah that's just downtown. Maybe a 10 min drive but we're down in that area at least once a month. lol

I may have to check them it. Sounds very cool!

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Damn! Now I gotta go get me some Tim-Tam cookies, just to see what the fuss is all about!

Sounds yummy! And your hipster hotel looks just like the one i stay in in MSP sometimes (like last week!)

Yeah, I have fantasies about catching you alone and bored in a hotel room sometime...

Shoot! Thor and I hit the bar Sunday afternoon... it would have been fun to hang out!

We weren't at the bar very long, though -- mud was tied up earlier.

Literally! (and very happy about it)

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Master Thor was disappointed that He couldn't enjoy a cigar in the room... they only had non-smoking rooms. It's funny that some of the design choices worked, and some were really bad.

Good: High ceilings! I can't tell you how much that opens up a small room. Bright, fun colors. "Gel" tiles in the elevator (too cool). Opaque glass panes to bring natural light into the shower - awesome. The breakfast food area was part of the circular concierge desk, making it easy to grab a snack. For example, bags of ice... grab one and go. No need to bring down an ice bucket! A great art deco alarm clock that used flashing light to wake you up.

Bad: Thin walls. Big showers, but I'd rather have a bathtub/shower combo myself. Loud entryway with Gen-Yers drinking in the bar. Techno in the elevator, lobby, everywhere. Pretension... like the gym called "Re:Charge" and the pool called "Splash". They forgot to give U/us maid service a few of the days. Spotty wi-fi.

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(Deleted comment)
You mean there's more than just chocolate?

I recognized the hotel chain from the picture. I recently stayed at the Aloft in Chapel Hill NC, and felt like I had been put up in a conference room. Nice TV and all, but still, I was expecting a powerpoint presentation to start at any minute...

If you are ever lucky enough to have sex with me, you will first be treated to a full hour of program notes, safety instructions, a history briefing, and a short question-and-answer period.

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