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It Gets Awesome
I made a video for Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project (http://www.youtube.com/itgetsbetterproject). I didn't want to brag about my life, but I wanted to make something short (46 seconds!) that conveyed happiness. This is the message that I'd love to beam back into space and time and share with the young homosexual I was growing up. And it's also the video I will watch when I'm feeling depressed.

! I totally love your exuberance and positivity in your "It Gets Better" video. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with you.

Man, some of the videos on the YouTube channel are downright somber. And it's to be expected... the project reminded a lot of people about how they were bullied and hurt as children. But Dan Savage has been telling people... it's cool that you are relating to gay kids that are being bullied. But don't talk about the past. Talk about the present.

That's a really hard thing - when you're depressed you can't SEE the future. I know that first hand. There *is* no future... at least, not one that you'd ever think you care to reach.

i was a little worried that I sounded privileged. i'm a rich white computer programmer. i've been very lucky. But hell... as You have told me, you can find happiness in a tin-roof shack, if there's love in it. i think when you've been beat down and beat down, someone should remind you that life can be beautiful. So i made the video.

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That is a wonderful video!

You are out and proud! That took courage to do that video. I admire courage.

You have a great attitude and that is *ULTRA-FANTASTIC*!

One friend of mine disliked one hidden message of the campaign. To him, it's like saying, "Life sucks now because you're bullied. We're going to accept that... and give you the empty promise that things will improve."

It's kind of like the line of bullshit Obama sold us.

I'm not sure i agree with my friend. The message is not one of complacency, or the idea that things will get better on their own. I'm hoping that the outcome of the "It Gets Better" project is a consensus that gay people have the right - and ability! - to forge powerful and happy lives.

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Great video, and as someone who only knows you through LJ it was neat being able to hear your voice.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, being promised a "pretty good" or "second class" life doesn't cut it!

That was short and sweet!


I may start loathing Damn Savage slightly less vehemently!

Yay! YOU!

(And it was wonderful finally getting to hear your voice. :-) )

Incredibly well done.

And interestingly.. when I saw your post with this on FB and watched it, I was gonna tell you you might pull it out the next time yer in a depressive cycle. :-{)

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Fantastic & AWESOME!!!! :)