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Up Up And Away
At DC's National Airport flying to New York City for the weekend. The plan is to see some theater, and more importantly, to find an apartment for Master Thor and I to live in. I'm so scared about being homeless that I'll take the first hovel that will have me. Sign me up for the first and last month of rent! I'm just eager for this next phase of my life to start.


 A confession: I *love* to fly. I love the feeling as the plane lifts off the ground, and you see the neighborhoods turn into little tiny toy houses far below you. I love making a little cocoon in my seat where I have nothing to do but read a book and listen to my iPod using noise-canceling headphones. I even love going through security and having to take off my shoes (I know, that's sick, isn't it?). I'm a member of the United "Red Carpet Club", so I love to show up early and have a drink and eat the free food. I got a first class upgrade for this quick flight (first, baby!) so I'll get free warm nuts and a blankie. I should get a job where I fly all the time, except I hate one thing - being away from Master Thor and the place I will soon call home.

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I'm sure you will find a lovely nest in New York City.

Maybe what you need is a job where you fly all the time -- with Thor.

UAL/CO just sent out an update of their merger to us CO members.. my highlight was:
"Red Carpet Club® and Presidents Club® members will continue to enjoy access to each other's lounge network, as well as to Star Alliance network and affiliated lounges around the world. Also, beginning today, Red Carpet Clubs offer free wireless Internet access and a selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages."

Mazel tov - good luck house hunting.

sounds good, but isn't it Master Thor's job to give you warm nuts?

I think warm buns are more his department.

I agree.. you will soon find an acceptable place to live!

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but based on my 20-year-old past experience, apartment hunting in New York is an exercise in extreme frustration. I'm glad Thor is there with a reality check on what things really cost in New York City. Good luck.

And check out http://badnycapartments.com before you rent that hovel!

NY is a lot cheaper novv than used to be. All the hoopla's gone. It's gotten back dovvn to earth. It's a great time to be here.

Happy Hunting!

Any idea on what are you guys are looking in? Just curious. ;-)

flying brings out the batshit crazy in me now.

you want to fly, and you do not want to leave Master Thor. Solution: Take Master Thor with you. [THEN, of course, one finds He is allergic to airplane air, or something!]

Renting in NYC? Puh-LEEZ!! Not easy at all! I know this, even though I live in California!

This is 2010, but some of the buildings are in 1810 condition! What happened to the new place you got?

I wish you the best!

My new place is great... but it's in Washington DC! I'm tired of the 4 1/2 hour bus ride in order to visit Master Thor. I'd rather live with Him! Wouldn't you? {grin}

Well, putting that way: No. I would rather have YOU!!

I take a two-hour bus ride to San Francisco. That is bad enough. Four and a half hours???? Forget it! I would not last the trip!

But, isn't your new job in WADC?

Sammy and John found their place (East 80s second floor, quite nice) in FOUR HOURS on the first look-round!

It can be done!!!!!!!

Sending good dooooWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEoooooooooooooo!

***sigh*** Would that I could find a job where I was flying a lot more... ah well...

being away from Master Thor and the place I will soon call home...

Shouldn't that be: MASTER THOR and the place i will soon call home?

I didn't make this "friend's only"... damn the New Internet. I have co-workers and friends that surf a lot now. I'm always a little nervous that someone will had graphic sexual content to a non-sexual post, and then my mom will track it down somehow. Facebook is even worse... if you didn't know me, you'd think I was a boring vanilla person based on the content I put on there! So no... I didn't capitalize stuff in this post like I often do.

1) Go to your 'name' page.
2) Click "Manage Entries" along the top of the page.
3) Click "Edit this Entry" for this post.
4) After the actual post, there is a gray bar. Use Show this entry to: to select "Fiends".
5) Click "Save Entry".

6) Relax. The vanillas are safe, once again.

Re: Fiends only...

No, I unlocked it intentionally. I wanted my family to see this post.

"...Master Thor and the place i will soon call home." is correct capitalization.

So says the Grammar Master nazi!

You're moving to NY? Yah! Hope vve meet one day. Let me knovv if I can help vvith the apt search. Renting in NY is not as stressful as it used to be. VVhatever you pick, I hope not Chelsea. Tribeca, East River on both sides of Manhattan and Brooklyn are all good. Clark St is very nice. Good luck!

That pic rocks! You are very cute :-.) VVith a quirky personality to boot. Thor is lucky.

me too i love flying airports are just wonderful places for me good luck house hunting >HUGS

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