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Up Up And Away

At DC's National Airport flying to New York City for the weekend. The plan is to see some theater, and more importantly, to find an apartment for Master Thor and I to live in. I'm so scared about being homeless that I'll take the first hovel that will have me. Sign me up for the first and last month of rent! I'm just eager for this next phase of my life to start.


 A confession: I *love* to fly. I love the feeling as the plane lifts off the ground, and you see the neighborhoods turn into little tiny toy houses far below you. I love making a little cocoon in my seat where I have nothing to do but read a book and listen to my iPod using noise-canceling headphones. I even love going through security and having to take off my shoes (I know, that's sick, isn't it?). I'm a member of the United "Red Carpet Club", so I love to show up early and have a drink and eat the free food. I got a first class upgrade for this quick flight (first, baby!) so I'll get free warm nuts and a blankie. I should get a job where I fly all the time, except I hate one thing - being away from Master Thor and the place I will soon call home.
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