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Toy Boat
I didn't find an apartment in New York City today, but I *did* get to see Laurie Anderson at the Brooklyn Art Museum. And she was really great as always. Here is the MTV comedy troupe "The State" doing a parody of her style:


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Are you sure it wasn't Hmph. Another Laurie Anderson clone.

Laurie Anderson - Talk Normal

They really nailed her good!

It pleases me to no end that so many of my friends make Laurie Anderson jokes. Makes me feel not actually very lonely at all!

Good luck on the Apt. Hunting!! <3

Man I Love that New Icon!! Hawt!!

That was fabulous. And a little telling that I started naming the specific song references that they were making. I counted five.

Mea nerdus, nea nerdus, mea maxima nerdus.
I'm a geek, I'm a geek, I'm a huge geek.

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