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Fountains of Pain
I saw *both* nights of Fountains of Wayne live at the Birchmere Music Hall, just a few miles from my house here in Virginia. The last time I saw more than one night of a singer was back in 1993, when I followed Richard Thompson from Boulder, then to Denver, then through a snowstorm to Colorado Springs.

But I've always wanted to see the lead singer, the amazing Adam Schlesinger, who can create pop masterpieces with such great chord progressions. You may know them from their one-hit Stacey's Mom. It's a good song, but other ones they do are better. Best of all... Jill Sobule opened up. I got to talk to her a little but while she signed a copy of her new CD for me ("California Years"). She asked me if I had seen the Bronco game, and I replied no - I'm gay. Her eyes lit up, and she recounted some of her favorite Denver gay bars in the eighties. Check out her cute ode to bears, sung under a pseudonym.

Here is my version of a Fountains of Wayne song called "I-95". It's a love song, and it's dedicated to Master Thor - just like every other song I sing from now on is dedicated to Him. Sir... we are separated by a long highway through Philadelphia and Baltimore, but I've never felt closer to You. I can't wait until I have no need to drive to see You ever again.

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if you haven't, i highly suggest you check out Adam's other band, Ivy. even their covers compilation, Guestroom, shows just how good he is at his craft, transforming The Cure into wah-wah funk and The Ronettes into swirling dreampop:

and their original stuff is even better.

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I have this little light device that makes constellations on the ceiling!

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