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It Was A Good Summer
Gas Mask
Here's a picture left over from the summer:

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You didn't just drop that Bud Light can, did ya?

The rest of the six pack was still inserted!

LOL.......good job!!!!!

I know a guy who can chug-a-lug a bottle of Coke, up his butt!

Gives me an idea for a new beer dispenser. But can you keep them cold?

Great photo! Makes me want to sit on your lap and pinch your tits...

So sexy Lookin' ...


looking good.
~doffs cap~

mmm...dirty stinkin' man...

Nice! I have always thought that overalls are one of the sexist type of garb.

Wonderful photo! I miss you guys!

You hillbilly very well.

Wow, what a beautiful picture!

I post a song that took a couple hours to record, and I get five comments. The next day, a cheap photo gets compliments! Weird {grin}

Nah... Some of us simply don't have the possibility to listen to music (and I'm awful with that anyway).

To which I say, I'm going to check the song this weekend.

(And I insist that the picture is very good)

C'est une image provocante et profonde, garçon.

Il est vraiment beau avec la lumière, le contraste, et les couleurs. Magnifique. Merci.


There are nipples in that picture that need some lovin; along with various other body parts..........*wink*

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