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Hoarders, the Mudcub Edition
Black eye
I was trying to figure out how to make all my posessions fit into a New York City apartment. Here is the absolute minimum space I think I need... minus bathroom, closets, and storage space:










Bedroom (8.5 by 10.5) = 89.25 square feet
Guest Bedroom (9 by 9) = 81 square feet
Dining Area / Two-Person Game Table (5 by 8) = 40 square feet
Entry Area (3.5 by 7) = 24.7 square feet
Poker Area (7 by 7) = 49 square feet
Computer Area/ Music (6 by 6.5) = 39 square feet
Scaffolding Storage Area = (11.5 by 12) = 138 square feet
TV and Discussion Area (10 by 13) = 130 square feet
Exercise Area (4 by 13) = 54 square feet)

Total space needed = 644.95
Plus extra room to walk around all the stuff!

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Man oh man do you have a lot to learn about living in NYC.

Exercise area? we call that a gym.
Poker area? Thats the coffee table or dinner table or folding table.
Computer/music area, thats called a laptop.
Storage area? thats called a storage rental room.
Kitchen? thats called a diner.

Good lucj. Don't just look at seomthing that is affordable at todays rents, but at tomorrows rents when the economy starts to come back.

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