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Triplicate, Please
I just got a new passport photo.


I don't want to jinx it, but I think Thor and I may have found a new place to live! We are spending today filling out forms and gathering financial information. But if they accept our application, we will soon be living together in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City!

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Great photo!

fingers crossed on the place. :)

Sending good thoughts your way. I want a full report on the housewarming party, including the home depot shopping list.

Master Thor should totally carry you over the threshold.

carry you over the threshold

That's for marriages -- which we're still not allowed to do because of bigoted straight people and closeted queer people.

I'll get him on all fours, put a leash on him, and walk him into our new apartment.

Nice pictures.

& it was good to meet you in person, too!

That's great! The Chelsea area is nice - I used to live there.

So very handsome! And *crosses fingers*!

I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;-)

Of course you have a good looking passport photo...

Wow! You clean up nicely! :-)

And congrats on the pending place.

You know we'll want you to spill it, especially if you are accepted so we can help decorate!

I so hope it for you two.

Thanks, FJ. Couldn't believe the amount of financial paperwork we had to pull together for this. I'm hoping for the best, not just because it's a great apartment, but because if we don't get it I'll have to continue the search, which has been grueling on top of a job. But we're keeping our eye on the prize!

I have to admit I also look forward to this huge shake-up of you living not with a friend, but with a loved one, in a whole new space. I want to see how it creates a whole new you.

My fingers are crossed for your new place!

What's MY ROOM like?!?!?!?!?

Don't it make you feel like Natalie Wood, at the end of, "Miracle on 34th Street"?!?!?!?!?

Despite a great performance by the actor playing Mr. S. Claus, I've never made it through that treacly movie. But I guess they're hoping for a new home (which would be an apartment in NYC), and isn't there something about Santa leaving his cane behind in a corner of one of the rooms?

Pretty much..... She's given him a picture from a magazine of the house she wants, and is a tad cranky when there's no indication of ANY real estate for Susie!

Meanwhile, EG gives JP advice on a detour, to get back into town.

The detour is a wind-ey suburb, and suddenly, from the back seat, Susan screams, "Stop the car, Uncle Frank, stop the car!!!", and dashes into a house, screaming it's HER house, and he really IS Santa Claus!

Her room is pink, and there IS a swing in the back yard....everything she'd asked for.

Uncle Frank and Mom are just about to chalk the whole thing up to coincidence, when they find the cane, propped against the mantle.

Then the zombies crash through the walls and they all get eaten!

I like the part about the zombies!

There MUST be an app. for adding zombies to Holiday Classics?!?!?!?

Good deal bud, great photo too!!!!

You look great!

And good luck to you both with the application for the new place!

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