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The Difference
Gas Mask

When I tell people that I am moving into an apartment with Thor, they say, "You are a lucky man."

When Thor tells people he is moving in with me, they say, "You will have your hands full with Patrick!"

I wonder why that is?

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Heh, I think you're both lucky.

And I suspect you'll both have your hands full with each other.

Hm, that sounded sexier than I meant it to be... ;)


I have been very close to Thor for longer than it is polite to say. I have only had and afternoon to get to know you.

But, I know that you are both very special people, and will be very special together.

Because you are NAUGHTY!

I'm guessing it's because you are a self-loathing, bipolar mess.

Don't feed the troll, just let him slink back under his bridge.

Some day I'd love to find out who typed that anonymous comment.

Mom? Is that you?

Great response to an anonymous bully and coward.
Here's to the future for both of you.

It sounds like something someone might say if a guy was getting a puppy.





(putting down newspapers on the floor)

He's not entirely paper trained. You may find yourself having to rub his nose in it and hit him with a rolled up newspaper.

Rubbing his nose in it, and...Wait, are you trying encourage or discourage the behaviour? I can't tell.

I think we all know the answer to that question. grin.

You sure they aren't saying "You'll have your hands full of Patrick", or "You'll have your hands fully in Patrick"

it's true, our little Patrick isn't really paper-trained...

they say that about anyone named Patrick

You are lucky and Thor will have his hands full. Every type of relationship requires effort and dedication. You seem to bookend each other very nicely. JMHO

I think you are well worth it all. Like the old saying goes, "A Pearl of great price is not obtained for the asking."

Oh- and your anonymous poster can go fuck himself with a loaded 12 gauge. JEALOUS whiny little bitch comes to mind.

well you are the one with nekid pictures which prove your more then a handful ;)
congrads to you both

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