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You Otter Know
I really wish this was a joke, but evidently, it's not.


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(Deleted comment)
Because their whole niche is "no fatties." It seems really narrow and excluding to me.

still seems better than Bear411 where if you like bears but are not one YOURSELF, well, tough shit.

Well, I'll put it this way... bear sites seemed geared towards markets not being served. I think the market for slim guys is pretty much covered. Not to mention the fact that most guys on bear411.com want skinny guys anyway.

right, but let's say you have the figure of a "traditional bear" and lack the hair. you're pretty much SOL.

I'll give you that to a degree (that applies to me too, but people on b411 give me enough attention)... but another thing I should touch on is the whole fucked out animal thing. Is wildebeest411.com for slightly unkempt chubby guys the next in line?

it has less with getting attention, as getting your profile "approved", because apparently bear411 has to be an exclusive site where if you do not tickle the fancy of a moderator, take your time elsewhere.

as for the fucked out animal thing, I would say that the writing was on the wall about when we passed ~8 colors in the hanky code. seriously, just when it comes to bears alone, we have bears, otters, panda (asian), polar (white hair) and those all roll off the top of my head. I know there are more distinctions out there, and I think the entire thing is just overly complex to a silly degree.

I have an acquaintance in California who refers to himself as a "boar." I think he should spell it b-o-r-e, but that's another post...

I was denied twice when trying to join 411. And most people categorize me as being somewhat bearish. :)

(Deleted comment)
The denial is fucking ridiculous. I'm glad your comment appeared twice because I wouldn't have believed it if I only saw it once. (nah, just kidding.)

And, yeah, I'd say you're bearish!

Hey, ya like what ya like.


That otter in the ad looks so sad, probably because he doesn't have any friends because he's a sizist!

And typographical points off for mixing up em dashes with double hyphens, and bold and all caps in the same text.

I object to a site on the 'net that excludes anyone due to their size!

Yeah, I'm partial to big men.

Guess it takes all types. I like so many different "types" by now. . . . .

Oh so that's what otter 411 is, I've seen the boxes arrive at work through the UPS/FedEx system and go to various people at work and it has this very graphic on the side of the box.

As for those who've gotten axed by B411, I got in, no problem and I'm more otter than anything due to not being overly bearish.

That said, I HAVE facial hair so that may be it, plus he's particular about seeing a FULL face pic, which I happily comply with so that may be it.

I only know of otter, badger and bear, but didn't know that Panda was meant for asian although I have seen the term used on occasion, but not as a lableler per se.

What about bearbook.com the new facebook for bears???!!!

It's still in beta testing. I think it's planning to go live by the end of the year.

Nice to see a trace of you again, Bill!

Yeah I got the skinny from one of the investors yesterday.

Jesus H, will it never end.

well, at least it will divert the attention of people you don't want to know... ;)

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