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You Otter Know
I really wish this was a joke, but evidently, it's not.


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I'll give you that to a degree (that applies to me too, but people on b411 give me enough attention)... but another thing I should touch on is the whole fucked out animal thing. Is wildebeest411.com for slightly unkempt chubby guys the next in line?

it has less with getting attention, as getting your profile "approved", because apparently bear411 has to be an exclusive site where if you do not tickle the fancy of a moderator, take your time elsewhere.

as for the fucked out animal thing, I would say that the writing was on the wall about when we passed ~8 colors in the hanky code. seriously, just when it comes to bears alone, we have bears, otters, panda (asian), polar (white hair) and those all roll off the top of my head. I know there are more distinctions out there, and I think the entire thing is just overly complex to a silly degree.

I have an acquaintance in California who refers to himself as a "boar." I think he should spell it b-o-r-e, but that's another post...

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