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Turning a Page
I saw Steven Page tonight at the 9:30 club in DC. He was the lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies, but after a cocaine bust is now a solo act. He's really lost a lot of weight, and now looks a little scary, like the "Price Is Right" era Drew Carey. But the guy still has an amazing voice. And a great back catalog, since he wrote and sang most of the Barenaked Ladies songs. But he made me cry a little when he sang "The Old Apartment", so I decided to do a cover version.

I don't think Thor has ever seen me play guitar. Here is my first attempt: I was nervous and played it way too fast. But I lost the E string for the second version and didn't have a spare... so give it a listen. Sometimes it's best to go with the first raw attack.

First version of "The Old Apartment" covered by Patrick Kellogg (with high E string)

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Thanks for sharing!

Impressive! But you left out the bare and naked parts. ;)

Yeah, do it over. With the same mirror set-up.

"I love him and his body keeps me warm. And I'm happy."

well that's all very nice and all but what about a nice uncovered cover version with a nice naked mudcub?

Awesome!! :) Nice voice and makes me lust fer ya even more! ;)


You broke into your old apartment...... how fortunate the new tenant has a guitar and a camera!

I'm having a dreadful time figuring out the mirror placement! Obviously 2 at right angles, but is that a doorway, and a 3rd mirror on a common plane? My poor brain!

....and, YEAH, do the naked version!!!!

Great! And you sounded a lot like him too.

Wow! That's really good. You have many talents. I love the mirror setup, we get three views without you needing a multiple camera setup.

Also I like your stained glass windows. Is that a sword with a doughnut?

I don't know that song but it sounds like a Bare Naked Ladies song. I like their promotional hats. They say Barenaked on the front. Useful at the nude beach. I remember when they first started, they made it cool to be a boring suburban guy.

You bet! I don't deserve that guitar...

Of course you do. Now maybe not a '49 Broadcaster or a '55 Telecaster. Now when you have a '63 12 string Rickenbacker I will fall out.

Roger McGuinn still makes my jaw drop.

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