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I Can Dream All Day
For some reason, this scary nun with a screw going through her head is in the box office window at the 9:30 Club.


I saw Brendan Benson and the Posies at the 9:30 club tonight. Can it really be twenty years ago that Dear 23 was released? That makes me feel old. It feels like yesterday I bought the CD when it came out. I had forgotten how "grungey" their sound was. But what a great CD. I surprised myself when I knew all the lyrics... even after all these years. The Posies came back after their set to back up Brendan Benson, and it was a banquet of tasty guitar riffs.

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This is such a great picture. Looks like a painting!

That nun kind of looks like one of my aunts.

And though I have I think every Posies disc, they are one act I have never seen live.

I remember the Posies! Nice to know they are still around.

Grymmbear turned me onto some Death Metal last night. Nactmystium performing "Every Last Drop." Not something I usually listen to, but the music is subdued and somber while being threatening and disturbing at the same time.

The video is BRUTALLY BRUTALLY realistic. One of the best I have ever seen. Bob says they are a Chicago band.
Check it out.


I haven't thought about the 9:30 Club in AGES!

I used to go there before they moved to the new space! (I say new space and wince that it was more than 15 years ago!)

I recall seeing Poi Dog Pondering there. Ah, so gay!

I sort of was a Posie once....

its a video from the spy cam at the Eagle here, but thats me playing bass and singing backups with Jon Auer and Mike Musburger from The Posies .....love them!

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