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Private Parts, may I introduce you to Major Shrinkage?
In Alexandria, Virginia, the men celebrate Christmas by putting on kilts and walking around in cold temperatures. What does a Scotsman have under his kilt? Goosebumps!

Last year, the event was canceled due to the huge blizzard that year. This year the Scottish government stepped in with foreign funding because the city is bankrupt. If it happens hext year, I highly recommend you take the metro down from DC for see it.

And bring your camera! Here are some photos of the over hundred men in kilts:


A wolf-head on a pike is THE fashion accessory this holiday season.


Pict of a pict!


More boers!








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Wow.... that's a LOT of hot men wearing kilts! Thank you for posting those pics!

There were even more men! And even hotter ones. But I suck at taking pictures.

The pics look just fine to me!

I don't think I had noticed before, but it seems that when one wears a kilt, one absolutely must wear high topped socks and a hat. Looking back on it, I can't recall seeing many kilted men going shirtless or going bearfooted.

Thank you. You know I really appreciate it.
The final picture shows the McLeod of McLeod tartan. This was my college roommate's family tartan. He was the first man I ever sexed up. Tho' he wasn't wearing a kilt at the time.

Well, now i feel bad that I titled the photo "Tacky Tartan" in my photo album. But wow... black and yellow? Is Sting from Scotland? {grin}

Thank Ee, Thanks Ee, Thank Ee...
I love pics of hot men... in or out of kilts.. Do you have a kilt?
I bought one when Jeff bought his utilakilt... I think I've worn it 2x. Its looks strange w/o all the accessories.

Kilts are the ultimate in cruising apparel... Its really easy to fondle someone's butt without it being too obvious

Edited at 2010-12-04 08:33 pm (UTC)

I remember someone complaining that he would get groped when wearing a kilt in a bar. I thought it was funny as many people consider it an invitation.

I know its not meant to be an open invitation, and probably rude to think it might be. But Damn it... its like a guy walking into a bar in just a jock and expect not to get groped.... somethings are natural. Now if it wer a str8 bar in Glasgow... different story

Im delving in to my ancestry to find out if I actually do have Scottish blood, given that I have a Scottish last name(Knox? but it appears all over the UK. Ive doen several branches of the family tree and not a kilt in sight, but Ive yet to do the mysterious Knoxes.

Was the Pict wearing a greatkilt? Sure looks like, but hard to be certain.


HAWT. specially the drum major in the last pic...

All that was missing was a good, stiff...


great pics thanks
my nuts always stay nice and warm in my kilt
my knee caps are freezing but nothing of mine hangs that low... yet ^.^

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