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World Wedding Federation Rassling!
Black eye
I loved the first few moments of the Prop 8 hearing, where judge smacked down anti-gay attorney Robert Tyler. Tyler wanted to launch a soliloquy of rhetoric about the "justice" to discriminate against gay people, and Judge Michael Hawkins wasn't having any of it!

TYLER: "May it please the court, my name is Robert Tyler. The plaintiffs think that justice is served where appellate review is frustrated in this case. Where the state defendants circumvent any defense to state law that they are politically opposed to..."

JUDGE RANDY SMITH (interrupting): "Well I don't think they are talking about justice. They are talking about procedural rules. So."

TYLER: "Yes, your honor."

JUDGE HAWKINS: "Why don't you start by telling us where Dolores Provincio is."

TYLER: "A, a, a, I'm sorry, your honor. Could you repeat that?"

JUDGE HAWKINS (speaking slower, as to an idiot): "Could... you... tell... us... where... Dolores... Provincio... is. You know who she is?"

TYLER: "Yes, your honor. Ah..."

JUDGE HAWKINS: "She is THE clerk."

TYLER: "Yes, your honor, she is... a... not our client, I cannot speak on her behalf. Um, the fact is... is that the deputy clerk, Miss Vargas, is a commissioned... ah... officer, she is the ah, under the California family code and government code, she is a civil commissioner of marriage. She has all the same responsibilities. In the county of Imperial, there are two persons..."

JUDGE HAWKINS: "Is there anything in the record to suggest that she's acting with THE clerk's authority."

TYLER: "Um... ah...

JUDGE HAWKINS: "The answer is NO, isn't it?"

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The justices don't seem to be having much of his arguments.

Poor guy. The judges lectured him:

“When you’re asked a question and don’t know the answer, say so!”
“You’re repeating yourself!"
"You’re not answering our question, you’re using other people’s time."

He's having a hard day. I love how he came out with a prepared speech about how the evil gay people were trying to stop "justice", and Hawkins got him to stop with basic questions. Who is your plaintiff? Just a deputy clerk? Why isn't the real clerk here? Can any underling (like an assistant prosecutor) create a court case arguing constitutionality just because they disagree with their boss? Or, should Miss Vargas shut up and do her job by issuing wedding certificates, or quit and choose a career that matches her bigoted religious beliefs?

Edited at 2010-12-06 07:58 pm (UTC)

She should quit her job and burn in the hell of her own perverted superstitions for all eternity.

Not to put too fine a point on it.

It is pretty interesting to watch the proceedings

Olson is doing great!

Obviously don't meddle with Judge Hawkins if you are a half baked anti gay halfwit

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